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Jul 30, 2014
10:07 am
Jul 30, 2014
9:44 am
Jul 30, 2014
9:25 am
Jul 30, 2014
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Jul 30, 2014
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Please refer to my latest journal and choose! 

23 deviants said I think you should go with The Muscle Duology, letting Legend of the Desert be fully fleshed out, and saving The Transmogrifier for a later date so that can be fully realized too.
7 deviants said I'm not a Patron
3 deviants said I would prefer to have the three short stories as originally planned.
2 deviants said I'm totally indifferent
The poll spoke very loudly and clearly!  The Musclethology is now a Muscle Duology!

I'm very close to finishing up Legend of the Desert.  I'll have a nice swath of ~10 hours to finish it up Thursday morning (no time at all today unfortunately), so I'm definitely on track for my release date of July 31st..!

In some of my releases, there will be some very heavily implied sex scenes, as well a some explicit "softcore" stuff.  Originally my main reason for keeping things this way was Deviantart's rules.  Well... turns out that Patreon is actually the same.  This is directly from their FAQ:

"What is not allowed?

Pornography is not allowed on Patreon. “Pornography” is defined as material designed with the sole intention of eliciting sexual arousal. Specifically, Patreon does not allow:

-Close up depictions of intercourse, masturbation, or genitalia

-Depictions of sexual bodily fluids

-Any sexual content depicting underage subjects

-Anything we forgot to put on this list but makes our users uncomfortable"

So... I know for a fact that there are actually a /ton/ of artists (both femmuscle and non) who are pretty explicitly breaking that rule, lol.  Which is fine and all, I personally think the rule is pretty pointless.  Still, the fact of the matter is we're now well into the "part time" goal - WHICH IS AWESOME!  With 61 patrons (!!!) but with that comes a greater potential for any rules-breaking to get reported.  I'm not saying that any of you would report explicitly written sex in one of my stories, but I know for a fact there are at least two individuals on this site who attempted to get Mother Knows Best removed, which didn't even have anything remotely close to rule-breaking even by DA's standards.  What I'm saying is I've got some haters.  (Even got a couple death threats back in the MKB days, aww yeah.)

I'm also trying to communicate with their support team to find out if it's okay to have creations that are fanfiction  (There was a Supergirl story I pitched to the $10+ patrons that received a fair amount of interest)  Worst comes to worst I'd have to do something where the names are changed, but the reader can figure out who they're representing.


I'm going to alter the rewards a little bit during August.  If you pledged during July and your payment processes successfully, you will still get the JULY version of your reward - so don't worry at all!  Unless you would prefer the August version, in which case let me know!

Here are the changes I'm considering:

Change the current $25 reward tier to $20
Introduce a new $25 reward - I will personally proofread and, if you'd like, extensively edit something for you, and even add in content that you want - like a growth scene or something.  This could be a story, school paper, article, anything at all (within a reasonable length, like a 30 page short story max.  I can be flexible though.).  The reason why I've come up with this reward is because a lot of people have been asking me to read their stories and give them feedback.  While I have no problem with doing that, if someone wanted me to significantly add some 'magnusmagneto' flavor to it, and really put in some time+work, they could 'commission' me to this way.

The 50 and 75 dollar reward tiers will be reworded so that the story I write can be released as a future exclusive story, or on any other sites at my discretion.  I will also reword the 50 to say "10-15+ pages" and the 75 to say "30+" pages.

Still trying to think of new rewards.  I've decided against Early Access since it doesn't really fit in too well with my style.  I know some people do Patreon streams... but I'm not too sure how that would work with writing - you'd see a screen of LibreOffice being typed into while Aphex Twin plays in the background.  Probably not too interesting.

Anyways, if there are any rewards you'd like to see, let me know - I'll definitely take them into consideration!


United States
Just a guy who has a thing for muscular girls and the concept of women becoming more than what they are.

General inquiries can be made via note or at

If you're feeling generous, donations can be paypal'd to


Ask me anything! (UPDATED 6/30/2014)

Ask me any questions you want in total secrecy!

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Ifrit9 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch dude :D
Alanj Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for thefav
slawyn Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Hobbyist
thanks for the watch
TheArkanitmagier Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
Do you already know what is going to happen with mother know's best?
MagnusMagneto Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014
Hi there,

As I've explained in a few other comments, that project is on indefinite hiatus.  The commissioner was unfortunately harassed by certain individuals, and as a result backed out.  There may be a revival of some kind in the future, but there are no definite plans right now.
Luiserm Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014
Hey. Are you going to continue posting free stuff on da? Or are you going to post exclusivelly on patreon?
MagnusMagneto Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014
Hi there,

I will be posting the following stuff onto DA:

- Previews for Patreon stories (which are 5-10 pages in length!)
- Commissioned stories
- Scraps/Concepts
- Any personal projects I have the time/drive/energy to do

Hope this answers any questions and seems reasonable
Luiserm Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014
So, no brian and kelly remake here?:'(
MagnusMagneto Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014
Sorry, but I'm afraid not.

This kind of puts me in an unfortunate situation.  On one hand, I feel bad for anyone who genuinely cannot afford 4 bucks for the story, but on the other, the people who paid for the story did so partly due to its exclusivity... So it'd be really unfair to give it away after they supported me.

Hope you understand where I'm coming from 
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Luiserm Featured By Owner May 17, 2014
When is the brian and kelly remaster coming out?
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