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Hey everyone!

Thanks for the very rapid and large response to my previous journal asking for beta testers!  I think I've got more than enough, so I wanted to make another journal officially stating that!  Those of you who gave me the word, I'll be in touch later this week/month when I have the build almost finished.  Thanks again everyone, and more information about stuff coming soon!

- Magnus


United States
Just a guy who has a thing for muscular girls and the concept of women becoming more than what they are.

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J2001 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015
Would you hate me if I told you "Genealogy of the New Women" was not as good as I hoped considering your previous works? I'm a fan of the 'women as the stronger sex' subgenre but the story felt really rushed, especially the second part. The worldwide growth of women is mentioned but not actually 'shown' as the story revolves around a single lineage of women, treated separately (there is almost no mother-daughter interaction), and the overall effects on society are not properly explored (other families, other situations, etc.). I think the use of several short sentences rather than longer, thought-out paragraphs might indicate you wanted to wrap it up asap.
I love your writing and Mother Knows Best is one of my favourite stories ever so that's why I always have high expectations for your releases, I hope you understand my criticism and don't feel offended =) 
MagnusMagneto Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015

No hate at all from me - you gave a well thought out and valid critique!  I tried to do something different with this story, and due to the extremely large scope of it, I can understand why it seems rushed.  In all honesty, the story probably should have been a series, or some kind of 40+ thousand word novel instead of a single lengthy short-story.  I do hope that some people enjoyed this different format, but I can understand the disappointment.  The next story is going to be more personal in scope, and there is a good chance that MKB3 will win the vote since it was a strong contender last month.
nickolai1 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015
 I read your thoughts on where you were taking MKB and Brawnified World and I had a few comments. 

First I would say I am a fan of your stories like "Tiny Tiffany", "Jessica and Trent" and especially "Big Things Come in Small Packages".  I love your depictions of women exhibiting superhuman strength and showcasing their strength in juxtaposition with that of mere men and machines.  I think that is one of the best ways to demonstrate their utter superiority.

Having said that I would like to see more of Cheryl and Lily in BW3.  They are clearly what is the future of what women will become and I think time should be dedicated to showing that.  Having Lily lift a building, TADA!, is ok but I would prefer to see her or Cheryl in action bending guns, with bullets bouncing off of them and running faster then their getaway cars thwarting a bank robbery that the police were helpless to stop.  Maybe one of them walks in on a convenient store robbery and the young punks have no idea how their luck just changed for the worse.  Or perhaps one of them is traveling abroad and happen to be in the right place at the right time to catch an rpg or contain a grenade blast in their bare hands to foil a terrorist plot.  After she has walked through a see of bullets and tossed a few guys around like rag dolls, she leaves them tied up in their own guns or metal rungs from around the building to await being arrested by the authorities. 

I think situations like these are a good vehicle to 1) show their utter superiority over men and their machines and 2) create a little bit of conflict in the gvt's minds - grateful for their help yet still uncomfortable with the existence of women with such impossible capabilities.  I think that would be awesome. 

Oh and don't have Lily Drain Cheryl's powers.  Come on man! That only reduces the number of super women in this world.  Why on earth would we want that?

On MKB.  Well this one seems to be a slow grind to super strength although we don't have an indication of how strong she will become.  Punishing her son in the form of just getting bigger falls short to me unless she isn't able to do things like grounding him from using his car by lifting it off the ground and putting it on blocks, or putting his game console and games in a closet behind a giant iron vault or something that is impossible for him to move yet he witnesses her lift easily with one hand when she needs something.  If her strength is not there yet, then the next question is when will she be?

Those are my thoughts buddy, but I do beg of you one thing.  Don't have Lily steal / siphon Cheryl's strength.  We need more, NOT fewer super women and we need to see Cheryl come out with some amazing feats of her own.  Preferably doing things of the sort you mentioned in the debate in the classroom:  Lifting vehicles out of the way, clearing roads and ripping open cars/trucks freeing people during accidents.  Lifting derailed rail cars and perhaps even blowing out the fires from the combustible oil they are carrying saving towns and foiling crime / robberies.  That's the good stuff!  
MagnusMagneto Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2015
Hi there!  Sorry for taking a while to respond, I've been kind of busy and a comment this big requires a decently long and thought out response!

The idea of having a Brawnafied woman stop crime has crossed my mind.  Currently however, Lily is a bit busy being a celebrity, while Cheryl isn't quite strong enough to contain a grenade blast within her hands.  You can rest assured however that I have been considering that sort of thing for when the story is at a more global level!

Anyway, I really hope this doesn't come across the wrong way, but I've got to be honest here - it's kind of rude to tell me not to have specific potential plot points (such as "Don't have Lily drain Cheryl's powers")  I have a certain overarching story for this series in mind, and I like to believe that I have its best interests in mind ultimately.  For example, in the world of Brawnafiers, even if a girl is depowered, there's a high chance that in a sequel she will regain that power, or end up even better than before.  All I'll say is, regardless of what happens, I hope that you've enjoyed my works enough to trust that my ultimate goal is, in fact, to eventually make some very powerful women ;)

As for MKB, it's the same concept as the original.  Tara doesn't need to physically do things TO Cory.  She's so dominating that her mere presence has an effect on him, and the idea of her becoming even more so is a terrifying concept since he hasn't gotten comfortable to being so weak next to her.  I'm sorry that you don't get the appeal, but I think that this dynamic is what makes the story so wildly popular among the readers..!
nickolai1 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2015
Thanks for your response.  On BW3+ and plot points, I didn't mean to be rude and I don't think my comment was but written comments / responses don't convey tone which is always a risk.  All I was conveying was the appreciation for more super women not fewer which I think was the intent of the Brawnifier creators.  And perhaps the draining be done to a potential new arch enemy type bent on taking over the world as opposed to Cheryl which seems to be a "good guy." 

On MKB, I never suggested she do anything TO Cory, just his things.  Further, my hypothetical scenarios didn't have her do any damage to his things either.  Her strength has just made them inaccessible as punishment by lifting his car on blocks and/or putting his things in a room behind a weight impossible for him to budge.  "Oh dear Cory, all you have to do is lift your car off of these cinder blocks.  Here let me show you ..."  Just an example of the daily indirect reminders of how superior she is becoming despite the fact their direct competition is over.

No intention of being antagonistic just some thoughts / feedback.  Look forward to your next installments and have a great weekend.
MagnusMagneto Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2015
It's okay man, I figured you didn't intend to be rude, and I think that my response probably came off as a bit sterner than I intended!  (It's difficult to give tone over text)

You can rest assured that I have multiple character arcs planned out for the current women in the Brawnafied series, as well as a couple other ladies you haven't met yet.  Without giving too much away, it's safe to say that the world will indeed end up very Brawnafied!

The car idea is definitely really neat, and I would totally use it if Cory had a car for Tara to do that with.  Maybe in a far future installment, something like that could happen.

Anyway, thanks for the comment, and sorry if I came off as hostile in any way
UnknownUsername333 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2015
Maybe you could release a scrapbook collection or something, similar to your smash words releases of old stories, for those who are curious about the scrapbook but are unwilling to pay $8 per story.
That is an interesting idea.  Believe it or not, I don't really think my scrapbook has much monetary value at all.  It's just supposed to be cool little perk for 'hardcore' fans.  I do realize that it is a bit pricey due to being effectively $16/month.  If in the future I accumulate enough worthwhile scraps that I would feel fine releasing them for a fee, I might do that - but right now I wouldn't really feel right doing so. 
menulight Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015
about the poll,

Since we all like muscular women, she grows, she's sexier. So, sex appeal, seems not a good option to me. :) 
MagnusMagneto Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2015
Sorry for the late response, I somehow missed this!  By sex appeal, I'm referring more to facial beauty, breast size, hip/waist ratio, etc.  Obviously unrealistic for those things to change, but this is a game where a girl grows taller and stronger after one workout!
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