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Which of these Scrapbook entries would you like released on Deviant Art? 

29 deviants said The Amazing Evolving Woman Concept - An outline for a story idea I came up with
25 deviants said Supergirl - Dialogue exchange between Supergirl and Batman, with the former visiting the latter on a request to find a way to power her up.
20 deviants said Adam Concept - Dialogue between two gym girls, one of whom's boyfriend underwent a treatment that enhances men (and has soon to be discovered side effects on women!)
7 deviants said other/see results option/non vote option
4 deviants said Talkshow Host - Quick dialogue exchange between a talkshow host who underwent genetic therapy to enchance herself, and her guest
4 deviants said Musclethology Character Outlines - Quick design document that I used to outline the basic traits/personality quirks of the characters in The Infomercial, Legend of the Desert and The Transmogrifier
Hello everyone!

As of writing this, I currently have 23 pages of The Transmogrifier completed.  That means it's fairly close to being finished, as I'm expecting it to end up around 27-30ish pages total.  Fortunately, aside from writing a final paper for a class, I have the next few days totally free to focus in on this stuff.  This means I'll have it finished and shipped either early Wednesday or early Thursday.  I'll also have Grimmtoof's first chapter out this weekend, and another scrapbook piece, and a reward bio thrown in during all of this too.

This brings me to my next announcement...

Patreon Release 5 will be a continuation of The Infomercial!  Current working title - A Brawnafied World!

Here is the current synopsis:  
Immediately following the fateful infomercial announcing The Brawnafier, the government initiated martial law.  All machines in transit were intercepted, and The Power Company's headquarters were seized.  A mandatory update was sent out within hours forcing all Brawnafier's capabilities to be cut drastically, and all future Brawnafiers were hardwired with this restriction.  Still - despite The Power Company's ideals for human evolution being cut short, things are changing!  The nerfed Brawnafier is still capable of making a woman just as strong and tall as a peak male.  Women on a whole are quickly becoming greater than the national average male.  On top of this, there's still a few fringe cases stirring things up.  

There's Cheryl, the titanic woman with immense strength, speed and endurance who also now has the perfect personality to become a leader.  
There's the massive southern lady from the end of the aired informercial who is now a programming genius and wants nothing more than to bring her 'old computer friend' back up to snuff
There's the female scientists who developed the Brawnafier and have a great deal of vibro-nutrients in their systems still.
Plus - there were hundreds of original brawnafier's shipped, what happens when one of them ends up at a teenage girl's house where there's no wireless connection for the update?!
On top of all this, there's the civil unrest caused by approximately 50% of the population being intentionally hindered from reaching their full potential!  
Also - who's the say that foreign interests won't try to capture this technology for themselves?

All, this (and more?! maybe less depending on space constraints...) in A Brawnafied World!   (Note - this story has the potential to have multiple parts to it depending on how things go!)

Anyways, hope this is all agreeable and sounds good.  

Thanks for your continued support, and I hope to keep entertaining you for a long time!


United States
Just a guy who has a thing for muscular girls and the concept of women becoming more than what they are.

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Thanks for the watch dude :D
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Do you already know what is going to happen with mother know's best?
MagnusMagneto Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014
Hi there,

As I've explained in a few other comments, that project is on indefinite hiatus.  The commissioner was unfortunately harassed by certain individuals, and as a result backed out.  There may be a revival of some kind in the future, but there are no definite plans right now.
Luiserm Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014
Hey. Are you going to continue posting free stuff on da? Or are you going to post exclusivelly on patreon?
MagnusMagneto Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014
Hi there,

I will be posting the following stuff onto DA:

- Previews for Patreon stories (which are 5-10 pages in length!)
- Commissioned stories
- Scraps/Concepts
- Any personal projects I have the time/drive/energy to do

Hope this answers any questions and seems reasonable
Luiserm Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014
So, no brian and kelly remake here?:'(
MagnusMagneto Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014
Sorry, but I'm afraid not.

This kind of puts me in an unfortunate situation.  On one hand, I feel bad for anyone who genuinely cannot afford 4 bucks for the story, but on the other, the people who paid for the story did so partly due to its exclusivity... So it'd be really unfair to give it away after they supported me.

Hope you understand where I'm coming from 
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Luiserm Featured By Owner May 17, 2014
When is the brian and kelly remaster coming out?
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