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Holiday Cheer Chapter 2
By MagnusMagneto


Guy tried his hardest not to stare at his mother, who was bent over in front of the stove putting turkey in it.  But Guy couldn't help himself, and he begrudgingly glanced at the jutting hamstrings in front of him, his heart fluttering a bit at their incredible definition and girth.

Right as the turkey reached the back of the stove, Colleen's thick thighs thickened further; the small gap at their apex closed further as her stems widened and her calves bulged out even further.  The dolphin shorts rode up higher between her growing glutes; the garment was effectively reduced to a mere thong – almost every inch of Colleen’s rock-hard and outrageously bubble-shaped posterior was visible.

Her task complete, Colleen stood up even taller; the V-taper of her broad back was becoming impressively massive - deep valleys of definition accommodated an abundance of mass.  Her bowling-ball deltoids stretched the remaining sleeves of her t-shirt so much that it was becoming constrictive on her range of motion.

With a shrug, Colleen reached up and tore the offending cloth straight off – effortlessly ripping through the fabric like mere tissue paper.  A few moments later, and her godlike shoulders breathed free.  

Satisfied, Colleen placed her hands behind her head and turned around; the huge collection of muscle around and beneath her arms metaphysically exuded dominance – though this wasn’t Colleen’s conscious intention.

Scouring the kitchen for any unfinished tasks, Colleen noticed that the trash bin was nearly overflowing.  Without hesitation, she walked over to it.

"This is normally your job, but... Well..." Colleen said to Guy before winking and hoisting the bag up, her 19-inch arm swelling in response.

She forgot that the temperature was 10 below freezing and opened the back door; a cold gust of wind chilled Guy, yet Colleen seemed unaffected.  Absentmindedly, she walked out onto the porch and closed the door behind her.

<>How strange... I'm not cold at all.<>  Colleen thought to herself.  She looked down at her massive arm, and noticed that there were no goosebumps whatsoever.  Colleen took in a deep breath, her larger, stronger lungs inhaling a massive amount of air.  The brisk winter smelled better than she remembered.

She glanced down and remembered she was barefoot - yet the snow didn't bother her at all.  In fact, the only thing that bothered her was how much snow had accumulated on the porch; which also must have meant that the driveway was covered too.  

Colleen walked over to the outside garbage barrel and wiped a thick layer of snow off with her exposed hand.  This too failed to bother her.  After placing the trash bag into the container, Colleen felt yet another growth spurt come over her.  Now that she was alone and outside, she indulged herself by letting out a soft groan of ecstasy, and placing her hands on her burgeoning biceps.  <>Don’t want to be narcissistic, but a little self-love is a good thing.  Especially considering the circumstances…<> she thought as she continued to squeeze and grope her arms, probing them for weakness that didn’t exist.

Without giving it much thought, Colleen grabbed a nearby snow shovel and started digging.  Normally this was handled by the men, but her new body was so chock full of energy that Colleen was rearing to put it to good use.  Her arms and shoulders rippled from the motion of transferring the snow; her core, legs, and glutes similarly danced.

Guy was watching out the window, awestruck.  What was his mother thinking?  Wasn't she cold?  She was wearing barely anything in proportion to her body.  He could see thick clouds of perspiration coming from her mouth, and cringed at the sight of her bare feet moving to and fro in the snow.  

Chills ran down Guy's spine as he realized his mother wasn't just strong now - she was utterly immune to the cold.  This meant that she was superhuman to some degree.

Colleen continued clearing the snow with far greater speed than even both Guy and his father would have accomplished.  As endorphins rushed through her enhanced form, Colleen realized that it didn't feel like a chore at all; instead she loved engaging her new body in physical activity.

Unsure of what he should do, Guy decided to bundle up with a sweater, thicker pants, boots, gloves, and a heavy coat, before heading outside.  He was immediately hit by how cold it was, and wished he had the foresight to wear a hat.  


Guy staggered out into the cold.  His boots made deep tracks in the thick snow, and he wondered again how his mother could handle this barefoot.  Within moments, he was already shivering from lack of a hat and scarf.  Colleen had already finished clearing off the back porch in the time it took him to dress up.  He meandered to the front, where his mother was diligently making progress with the front driveway.  

Guy was taken aback by the visage of his mother: tall, broad, and proud – her robust limbs were so sharply defined that the smallest movement set into motion a visual symphony of muscles.  She had so much energy, and even from afar he could sense warmth emanating of off her – more than enough warmth to conquer the cold.  Her shovel strokes were all at once fast, calculated, and powerful – collecting far more snow than Guy could manage to in a single heave.  

Not wanting to be a free-loader, Guy grabbed a nearby shovel and got to work.  Guy was a tall, athletic young man nearing the prime of life, so he had no trouble with the task – aside from his face and ears becoming increasingly cold.  But despite his ability, Colleen was still removing snow at two… no, three or possibly even four times his pace!  She could not only gather twice as much on her shovel, but she moved two times faster than him!

Noticing that her son had joined in, Colleen pushed herself even further – invoking some good-natured competition.  The gap in their snow-clearing prowess widened.  Worse yet, due to the cold (and awestricken from watching his mother), Guy was slowing down!

Colleen’s longer legs were capable of striding further and faster than Guy’s.  And despite her lack of footwear she was somehow less inhibited by the snow.  Her incredible body seemed to possess an endless amount of stamina; in fact, the more Colleen was challenged, the more energetic she felt – as if her muscles were compensating for the task.

“Yup, there’s definitely going to be some changes around here.” Colleen said as she passed her son, overflowing shovel of snow in hand.

Guy gulped.  He wasn’t sure he liked the sound of that.  “What… what kind of changes?”

Colleen waited a few seconds for dramatic effect, clearing yet another massive collection of snow.  “Well…  For starters…”

Guy fidgeted.

Colleen continued, “For starters, all of the hard work like this is going to be handled by me!” she giggled.  “You boys have done a good job over the years, but it’s only fair that someone with a body like mine takes care of the physical labor.”

“Oh…” Guy let out a sigh of relief.  “Anything else?”

“Well, since I have so much more energy now, I’ll be a little more hands-on with you and your sister.”


“Yeah, metaphorically.”  Colleen uncovered yet another swath of snow – the driveway was almost fully cleared.  “That means I’ll be helping you and your sister discover your passions and excel in life.”

“Oh…” Another sigh of relief.  “Isn’t that what you already do?”

“Awww, so sweet!” Colleen grinned before clearing the second to last patch of snow, “I try.  But now I’ll be a lot better at it.”


Colleen gathered the last bit of snow, “So things will be about the same – except I’ll be more… well, me!  A lot more of me.” She explained.

With the driveway fully cleared, Colleen felt another surge.  Guy’s stomach churned with anticipation as he watched his mother simultaneously grow an inch taller, and a few inches broader.  He now had to significantly look up to meet his eyes with hers.

Then the cold really set in.  Guy began to unintentionally chatter his teeth, and his ears were turning slightly blue.

“Guy Guy! Where’s your hat?” Colleen scolded with a motherly tone, closing the distance between them.  She was so much wider than him now – Guy had some moderate pecs of his own, but he quickly estimated that one of Colleen’s held more mass than both of his combined.  Her waist had finally thickened a bit beyond his, but it still held no fat at all – instead it was packed with dense, powerful muscle.


She brought her hands up to his ears.  While their temperature didn’t bother her, she could sense that they were dangerously chilly.  “You silly oaf!  Come here.”  She wrapped her tremendous arms behind his head and brought it to her massive pectorals.

Before Guy could object, he was blanketed by warmth emerging from his mother.  In a matter of moments, the beginning stages of frostbite were fully cured; and strangely enough – Guy felt more invigorated in general.

Guy noticed that his mother’s long, luxurious hair was also encroached around him; it seemed fuller and thicker than before – at the very least it had grown in proportion to her body.  Guy couldn’t help but blush as he felt her supernaturally firm breasts press against him.   He hated feeling this way towards his mother’s form, but he’d simply have to deal with it for the time being.

“Mmm, you know what would be real fun?” Colleen purred – even her voice was richer and more resonant.  


“A nice cozy fire.  I’ll go chop some wood!”


After being sent inside to get a hat (he considered resisting, but then realized how ridiculously powerful his mother had become), Guy stood outside, watching his mother play lumberjack.

She didn’t take down any new trees, but rather was splitting logs that Frederick had purchased a while back – it was one of his hobbies.  With a grunt, Colleen’s immense limbs hurled the axe down, and it effortlessly split the wood.  Colleen continued to diligently produce lumber - a few beads of sweat dripped onto the ground, and her powerful arms pumped up from the effort.

Guy couldn’t help but liken his mother to some kind of Nordic superwoman – a mythological figure even.  There she was, out in the freezing cold, her legs, torso, and arms fully bare – not even wearing gloves as she grunted away, splicing wood into manageable bits – all with a cheery grin on her face.

With a good deal of firewood chopped, Colleen bent down and grabbed two large bundles of wood, one under each arm.  Guy tried to chip in by carrying some as well – but only managed to pick up half of what his mother could.


They were back inside, and Colleen was placing chopped wood into the fireplace.  Guy had taken off his winter clothes and was back in more comfortable attire.

“Hey, not trying to be weird or anything, but can you raise your arms up?” Guy asked.

“Hmm? Want to check out my bod?  Like I said Guy, I understand this is all very bizarre, so it’s cool with me.” She said before complying; dizzyingly defined serratus anterior muscles filled Guy’s sight.

“You look great of course, but…” He brought his finger up and traced the area where Colleen carried the firewood: it was perfectly smooth as always – smoother than before the transformation even.  “See here – despite having that wood brushing against you, there isn’t a single scratch.”

Colleen looked down and brought her own hand up, blushing a bit at how it was now (or rather, once again) larger than her son’s.  “You’re right.” She said, “I guess I should be all scratched up from that…”

Guy clasped his mother’s hand, and extended her palm outward, “Not a single blister or blemish here too.” He said, tracing the center a little, “Softer skin than mine.” He added.

“Well, let’s not dwell on it too long.” Colleen said turning to ignite the fireplace.  “Let’s just enjoy the day and its surprises.” As the logs set ablaze, even more Christmas cheer filled Colleen – causing her to tower even further over Guy.

Guy couldn’t help but stare at his mother’s right bicep.  Now measuring at 22 inches, it was larger than almost all male bodybuilders’, and was more pleasantly shaped than theirs.  A few massive veins ran alongside it, distributing whatever super powered blood coursed throughout Colleen’s system.  

“How… are you feeling?” Guy asked.

Colleen smirked, “Better than ever!  Like I could take on the world, really.”

“That’s good.  I guess I was afraid there could be negative side effects or something.” Guy explained.

“The only side effect I can think of is an overwhelming urge to test my muscles out!” Colleen giggled before walking over to the roaring fireplace and picking up a thick metal poker.

“Are you going to…” Guy started.

Colleen merely winked.  As her immense forearms bunched forward, the instrument began to bend, warping to her might.  “This is a lot easier than I thought it would be.” She said, slightly perplexed at how effortlessly she bent it into a U shape.

With an equal amount of ease, Colleen straightened the poker back out, and gently put it down.  

Then an idea came into her head: “You know what goes really good with a cozy fireplace?” she asked Guy


“Well, you just sit right down and wait.” Colleen said, motioning towards the couch.

Guy complied, taking a seat.


Colleen returned 10 minutes later with two frothing mugs of hot cocoa in her grasp.  Guy was sitting on the couch, and she couldn’t help but internally giggle at how obedient he had become – though Guy and Sally both rarely ever disobeyed reasonable requests from their parents.  

As Colleen handed the hot chocolate to her son, yet another surge of Christmas cheer overcame her.  Guy stared at the her forearms, the muscles in them were likely as large as his biceps – and doubtlessly stronger too.

Next he brought his gaze up to her now 23-inch arms: the peak at their apex was unlike anything he had witnessed before.  Even the fantasy femmuscle art he had seen, despite its high quality, failed to replicate the living majesty of Colleen’s biceps.  Of course, no living human had arms like hers, so there was no reference for them to work off of.  

Colleen now towered over her son.  Her clothing was so tight, and the outlines of her form were so visible, that she may as well have been naked.  In truth, Colleen hadn’t even thought of it – she felt so comfortable that clothing was more of a nuisance than anything else.

The bottom of her t-shirt crept up to her ribcage, leaving eight bulging abdominals readily visible.  Guy could have become lost staring at her torso – the individual muscles had so much detail and definition that one could spend an hour trying to discern each miniscule element.

She took a seat in a chair across from Guy: a handsome and sturdy wooden coffee table sat between them.

"I know the whipped cream and marshmallows are empty calories, but it's Christmas." Colleen mused out loud, referring to the cocoa.

"I don't think you need to worry about empty calories anymore.  I imagine your metabolism is off the charts now." Guy replied.

"Oooh! Good point!" Colleen was overcome with girlish delight as she considered that her new body could likely demolish a gallon of ice cream without gaining an ounce of pudge.  "Though I have to wonder if I need food at all anymore." She asked out loud.

"Why wouldn't you need food?" Guy prompted.

"I mean... I did like triple my mass without eating a morsel.  Pretty sure that's scientifically impossible!" she explained.

"Oh, right."

As Guy brought the beverage to his lips, the first sip scolded his tongue.  He panted profusely, trying to cool his mouth down.  Guy looked over at his mother, and noticed her nonchalantly gulping down a large portion of her drink.

"Isn't that burning you?" Guy asked, fanning his tongue a bit.

Colleen took another clean swig before lowering her mug, "Hmm... I guess it is awfully warm.  Can't say it bothers me though.  Sorry to see you got burnt!" She resumed drinking the liquid as if it were lukewarm.

"Mom..." Guy started, trying to think of how best to phrase what he wanted to say, "Don't you find it kind of strange that you were able to hang out in the snow almost naked, and now drink that scolding hot beverage like it's nothing?"

Colleen raised a brow, "Isn't it strange that I'm spontaneously turning into an amazon just by doing simple chores around the house?"

"Yes... it is." Guy agreed.  "But still...  Even someone that buff would be bothered by hot and cold."

"I guess that's true." She scratched the back of her head, a deep pocket of tricep and lat muscle erupted under her arm.  Colleen thought about it for a moment and giggled, "Does that mean I'm developing super powers?"

Guy gulped.

She continued, "I know you're into those as well.  It's just power in general that you like, isn't it?  In the hands of a woman that is."

"I... guess." Guy stroked his chin, "I never really thought about it in depth before."

"Like I said, I don't mind.  Let's just hope we can find you an appropriate amazon outside of the family, so you won't have to stare at me forever." She chuckled.

"Right." Guy tentatively poked his mug a couple of times, testing its temperature before meekly sipping it again - finding that it was still too warm.

Feeling a little playful, Colleen chugged the rest of her drink and let out a satisfied 'ahhh' before gently placing the mug down.  "I guess I am much tougher now than I 'should' be.  Makes me wonder if I'll get any other cool powers." She giggled again, "Hope you don't mind sharing a roof with a super powered mom!"

"I'm just glad that you're so... okay with, well, you know.  My tastes.  And the circumstances."

Colleen shrugged her broad shoulders, "Like I said, this body of mine isn't the same as the woman who raised you.  And believe me, I'm going to use my new powers to help find a suitable woman for you to direct your interest towards."

As his mother said this, another nagging came in the back of Guy's mind: wasn't he dating someone?  No, not Cindy.  Someone else...  And he seemed to recall she was insanely muscular - like far more than Colleen.  No, that couldn't be right - he certainly wouldn't forget something that important.

"Ground control to Major Guy!" Colleen giggled.

"Oh, sorry.  Just have a lot on my mind."

She nodded, "Understandable.  And hey, like I said before, nothing wrong with having a little fun with the situation, as long as we keep boundaries and have a mutual understanding."

"Right." Guy nodded. "Thanks again."

"No need to thank me, I'm your mother."  


A few idle moments passed.  Guy tried his hardest to not stare at his mother’s body, but ultimately failed, sneaking glances at her otherworldly thighs.  Colleen had somehow managed to cross her legs, despite the unfathomable girth of her legs; her arms were proudly spread across the back of her seat, granting her body language reminiscent of a dominant queen; yet Colleen still had a certain aura of girlish playfulness to her.

Colleen leaned forward a little, "So...  We're supposed to arm wrestle now, right?" she asked with a smirk.

"Huh?  Why would we do that?" Guy replied.  "Seems pretty one sided.  I have no issue with admitting that."

"Oh come on now Guy.  I've read some of those er, 'FMG'? stories?"

Guy's face turned flush red.

Colleen continued: "I don't want to be too overbearing, but I figured that I should understand what my son was looking at.  Have to say that they weren't as bad as I imagined.  Some were a bit darker than I'd like... but hey - there's worse stuff out there.  Anyways, that seems to be something that happens in most of them: the girl who recently grew armwrestles a guy - usually someone who used to be stronger than her."

As Guy thought about it, he realized just how much the day's events were playing out like an FMG story.  Then something else niggled at the back of his head: the feeling that he had actually agreed to and helped tailor this fantasy.  But his own mother?  That was kind of weird... though he couldn't help but admit that he was enjoying himself.  And his mother seemed happy.  Why wouldn't she?  She was now an unstoppable amazon, impervious to heat and cold; and there was no telling just how powerful she could become.

“Is that what you’d like?” Guy asked.

“I think you’d like it too.” Colleen sat down in front of the living room table, placing her elbow on it; even at rest, the massive 23-inch arm was dominating to look at.  

After a moment of hesitation, Guy finally gave in.  It was true: he really did want to experience her strength.  He sat down and they clasped hands – yet another reminder that her digits were significantly longer than his now.

Colleen led with a countdown, then Guy started to push.  Unsurprisingly, he was utterly unable to move his mother’s arm whatsoever.  Colleen was a little shocked – truthfully, she wasn’t exerting any discernible effort at all.

"You're supposed to use two hands now, right?" Colleen asked with a smirk.

Guy considered objecting, but she was right: that was the common trope.  He brought up his other hand and grabbed on.  And yet, despite using both of his hands, Colleen’s might was completely insurmountable.  She was so powerful, warm, and brimming with energy; with each passing moment, more vitality emanated from her form – while stamina continued to seep from Guy.  

“I’m pretty sure…” Guy started between strained breaths, “That you’re a lot stronger than you’re ‘supposed’ to be as well.”

“I suppose you’re right.” Colleen agreed. “I guess my muscles are further enhanced with the same Christmas cheer that protects me from injury.”  The situation was surreal – staring as her tall, athletic son was utterly incapable of budging her arm with both of his.  In fact, Guy had inadvertently started putting more of his body into the task – activating his legs and back in the process.  She didn’t just have more strength in her arm than he did in both of his – she had more power in that bicep than his entire body.

Then it came.  Another surge of Christmas cheer.  Guy gulped as he watched the indomitable arm become even more so – the insane ball of power swelling up to 24 inches of enhanced super-muscle.

“I knew you wanted to do this!” Colleen giggled with a wink.

“Yeah, I guess so…”  Guy could somehow sense that there was even more power behind her arm, which was equal parts thrilling and terrifying to sit across from.

“This is a bit like that story you favorited.  What was it?  ‘Mother Knows Best’ I think?” Colleen said.

Guy grunted as he tried to budge his mother’s arm at all, then responded: “A bit I guess.  I think the circumstances are lot more… pleasant for both of us.” A bead of sweat fell from his forearm, but it was pointless –  Guy was further away from making any progress than when he started.

“True, you’re a much nicer son than Cory was.  At least before they reconciled with each other.” Colleen said.

A few more moments of Guy aimlessly toiling passed.  “Had your fill yet?” Colleen asked.

“I guess so.”

“Alrighty.”  With a slow, controlled motion, Colleen gently brought both of her son’s hands down to the coffee table, as if she weren’t hindered whatsoever.


Triumphant, Colleen took in a deep breath, her heaving breasts stretched her t-shirt to its limits; Guy could even see the deep ridges and veins running along her pectoral muscles through the fabric.  Next she tensed her chest, causing those details to become even more exaggerated – if it weren’t for the largest breasts Guy had ever seen on a living person, Colleen’s chest would have been downright intimidating to look at.  

During her showboating, the remnants of the t-shirt tore in half.  Colleen quickly turned away in time to spare Guy from her exposed bosom, though Guy was treated to a glimpse of the full splendor of her monumental back.

Colleen quickly scrambled into the kitchen where she threw an apron on.  She returned to the living room.  Colleen's wide lats spilled out from behind the apron; even though it covered her front, her abs were so thick that their outline could be seen through the fabric.   And of course, the apron utterly failed to conceal her backside whatsoever.

“So what do you think my alias should be?” She asked.


“You know… I’m impervious to the elements, possess immense strength and seemingly limitless stamina, and I keep improving all the time.  I may as well become a superhero!” she explained with a grin.

Guy blinked a couple of times.

Colleen continued, “I was thinking of SuperMom, but that sounds a little too cliché.  UltraMom?  Same problem…”

“Uhm…  Speaking of which, you haven’t tested to see if you’ve developed any other powers, have you?” Guy asked.

“Hmmm…” Colleen thought about it and focused.  She recalled the kinds of abilities comic book heroes possessed, then suddenly…  “Oh my goodness gracious...!” Colleen almost swore, but she caught herself in time.  “I… I can see through the walls!” she announced.

Guy’s eyes became wide as dinnerplates, and his stomach churned.  He wasn’t that surprised – his mother was already showing supernatural powers, with the resistance to temperature and injury…  but this was even further.  His mother wasn’t just becoming incredibly strong and durable – she was gaining other superpowers as well!

Colleen began giddily scanning the house, reveling in how she could now check up on any part of it any time she wanted.  “Don’t worry, I’ll be careful to not intrude upon your, er, private time.” Colleen said as she scanned Guy’s room.

But before Guy could respond, Colleen’s vision poured into Sally’s room, where she noticed that her daughter wasn’t there!  “Guy!  Where’s your sister!?” Panic and motherly instinct was quickly setting in.

“I have no idea.” Guy replied, “I didn’t know she wasn’t here.”

“Oh my goodness…  I should have known something was suspicious!  It’s not like your sister to hole herself up in her room.” Colleen cursed at herself underneath her breath.  

“Hey, look over here.” Guy said, pointing to the door.  There was a piece of paper attached to it.

Colleen gazed in its direction, and zoomed her vision in to read its contents: “Ah…  Sally is out and left a note.” She explained, “And she’s out… to ‘spread holiday cheer’…”  

“Why would Sally go out looking to spread Holiday Cheer…?” Colleen said out loud before stopping herself.  She quickly activated her super-vision and directed it to Sally’s room again.  Before long, she noticed the envelope and letter from ‘Santa’ sitting on her bed.  With a little more effort, Colleen read its contents.  “Sally…  Sally got the same letter from Santa that I did!”

This news proved too much for Guy to handle: it was enough to handle his mother turning into a superwoman, but his sister too!?  In a daze, he began to faint, falling directly into his mother’s brawny arms.

- To be continued!
Chapter 2 of my Holiday Cheer miniseries - AKA Growth Drive Alternate Ending 2.  This was supposed to be much shorter, but I'm enjoying it too much.  I personally think this is one of my best pieces - please submit any constructive feedback you have!
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defenitly deserves prais. FANTASTIC
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I just gotta say, I love these chapters so much. And it is such a refreshing change to see muscle women that don't let the power go to their head. Im sure there are more stories like that, but most need require purchasing, which alas, life is not affording me at this time. But if the opportunity does arise I know I want to get the Mother knows Best rebirth from you. I read the original versions, that I think you did with someone else. But yes, these holiday chapters are amazing and i can't wait for whatever chapters you have left. Awesome job and keep up the great works.
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I loved this story, but I also feel that there should have been more admiration of her abs, thanks!
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This is one of my favorite ones.....Hey, those who do like this....LET Magnus KNOW that so that he would not end this after just 3 chapters...Hope that he will end in 5 chapters instead of 3 if nobody spend time to say at least   Good Story.
wellch Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017
Guy can help out around the house the best way that he can. His mom do not want him to struggle in his chores.  He is not a freeloader. He still can do the easier chores.

HIs mom can help him with his flaws and quirks. I am sure that she has the gift of counseling too and find him a potential girlfriend, maybe even a muscular one.. His sister will be the best sister for him too.  Their community will be a safe one too.
MagnusMagneto Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017
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Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed it!
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Really nice, been a while since I've really read something like this from you, I really enjoyed it, as you well know from what I have loved from you in the past, women/girls who grow more muscular, stronger, faster, tougher, and just all around better in a short amount of time with barely any effort involved, so I very much enjoyed seeing what I saw out of Colleen here.
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Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed it!
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