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Jill Chapter 2
By MagnusMagneto
Commissioned by Salinger

[This chapter has a lot more FMG content in it.  Even if you didn’t read chapter 1, I encourage you to check this one out!  Only real context you need is that Jill invented a serum 70 years ago that created a giant, Raymond, who she went on to marry.  He died tragically in a war however.]

[While this story involves the USA and mysterious government agencies, no political commentary is intended.  It’s an alternate history world with superhumans in it after all!]

1.)  Immediately After Chapter 1

Jill stared blankly.  Raymond’s corpse looked as if he hadn’t aged at all.  “How…” she muttered.  “Is he the same…?”

One of the nearby scientists instinctively knew what she was referring to, “We just call it Ice around here.  Preserves corpses with 100% accuracy…  Trick is, it only works on those with certain mutagens.  As I’m sure you’ve deduced, Raymond fits that bill perfectly.”

Jill brought her hand up to Raymond’s preserved face, stroking it lightly.  In death he had shrunken down to his original ‘human’ size – yet his muscular body honed from years of training was still intact.

Then she noticed something particularly startling:  “There’s a wound here.  A fresh one.   A recent one.”

“Yes.  That’s why we called you in ma’am.” The scientist bowed his head a bit, “Somehow blood was drawn from Raymond.  It must have been someone from within the organization.  Whoever it was hacked our security systems, completely erasing traces of their access to the cryochambers, and even the security camera footage in the vicinity.”

Jill rubbed her temples.  “So this is why you believe that America’s enemies have obtained a giant mutagen?”

“Yes.” The scientist replied curtly.

“Well, what do you expect me to do?” She asked, anger rising in her voice.  

“Anything ma’am.  We just need your help in combating something derived from Raymond’s mutagen.  In fact, given the advances of the past few decades, it’s possible that someone could have enhanced the mutagen, becoming a giant with significantly more strength than him.”

“And you can’t handle that?” Jill replied, raising a brow.

The scientist glanced nervously at his colleagues, who all in turn stared at the floor.  “No.” he admitted.  “As you’re well aware, internal testing for this kind of thing is extremely dangerous… And we’ve had our hands tied in the ethics department for the past 50 years.  And… Well, none of us really understood the mutagen to begin with.”

“And some random terrorists or whomever can figure it out?”

He shrugged, “The thing is, they aren’t bound by ethics.  And they could very well have any number of members willing to be tested on – even if it results in death.”

Jill sighed.  “Alright.  Here’s the deal.  You give me complete freedom to do this my way.”

“Sure.  What is ‘your way’?”

“Complete freedom.  No oversight.  No records.  Just me, a lab setup, and Raymond’s corpse.” Despite her advanced age and demure stature, Jill was able to project great intensity into the scientist.

“I…  With all due respect ma’am, we can’t do that…”

“Then with all due respect, kid, I’m going home.” Jill retorted.

“Hey.  Wait a minute.  We’re giving you a big opportunity here.”

“No you aren’t.  You need me.  You really think I believe the feds would drag in a 97 year old woman unless they were utterly desperate?” Jill crossed her feeble arms.

“Please wait here while I talk to my supervisor.”  The scientist motioned to his colleagues and they all filed out of the room.

Jill let out a sigh and stroked Raymond’s face a few more times.


The men returned and explained to Jill that she would get her wish.  But Jill was wise to their games, and forced them to prove that there were no security cameras active; no connection between her primary research computer and the internet; no way that someone could be physically spying on her; and numerous other precautions.

Still paranoid, Jill worked in silence, and tried to her best to ensure that everything she did wouldn’t be easily replicated if a secret camera was recording it.  She wanted to ensure that there would be no more Raymonds.  No more carnage indirectly caused by her actions.  No leaks that led to terrorists or whomever obtaining such a dangerous mutagen.

Despite having been away for 70 years, Jill had been coming up with theories regarding mutagens—especially Raymond’s—the entire time.  The first thing that truly bothered her was that she didn’t build in some kind of mechanism for Raymond to shrink back down to his human form.  If only she had… then perhaps he could have avoided the fire of those fighter planes.

Her first order of business was figuring that out.  Which would require an immense amount of energy to consistently transform back and forth.  Then again, the federal agents had mentioned the possibility that America’s enemies could have created mutagens allowing them to transform on the spot.  If this was true, then surely Jill could it out for herself.

Jill’s childhood fantasies involving giantesses resurfaced.  If the US wanted a weapon to fight giant terrorists… then she’d turn herself into the weapon.  She’d shoulder the burden herself.  And perhaps she could finally live out those fantasies firsthand.  She had lived a long life, and done her part to serve the US – she may as well have one last reward in her old age.

But the problem of energy came back.  She needed something more than cumbersome protein paste vast amounts of food.  She needed to be able to turn into a giant on command.  Jill combed through all of the research on metahumans she didn’t have access during the past 70 years.

Then it clicked: nuclear.

Many of the modern metahumans were nuclear-powered to some capacity.  That would be simple enough for Jill to incorporate to her classic giant mutagen.  

Before long, that old spark that pushed Jill to push herself and research into the small hours of the night returned.  She felt alive for the first time since… Raymond.  She wouldn’t let his death be in vain.  Those idiots couldn’t get the research right, and she was going to – for his sake.


First order of business was to give herself a baseline of nuclear energy.  This was particularly dangerous due to her age, but if Jill didn’t have the fuel to trigger a transformation, then all of her efforts would be wasted.

To Jill’s surprise, her theories and research from a generation back were still quite relevant.  It didn’t take long for her to replicate the same miniature nuclear fission powering most modern mutagens and create her own from it.

The first moment of truth came upon her: Jill spliced the energy-producing mutagen with her genetic code, and waited.


Despite her advanced age, Jill felt better and more energetic than ever before.  It was a shame that she had uncovered and undergone this treatment so late in her life; though there was no telling what it might do for her longevity in general.

Next order of business was to create a mutagen to combat whatever monstrosities threatened civilization.  First she considered simply giving herself the same giantism that empowered Raymond.  It would be simple enough: she knew precisely how it worked, and could replicate it with relative ease.  She could even add in the ability to shrink back down as she wished she initially had.

But as Jill continued her research and dedicated all of her brainpower to the task at hand, a new idea came to her: what if there was a way to both empower herself, and straight out remove dangerous mutagens from those who wielded them?  

Her goal was set.  Jill worked tirelessly, and found that thanks to her recent upgrades, she could work even longer and harder into the night.  She no longer needed food and required scant few hours of sleep each night.  Jill performed countless calculations and ran innumerable simulations on her private computer.  She only had one chance at this – this new mutagen needed to work on its first try, and it needed to only work for her.

3.) One week later

Despite her requests to remain unbothered, and the agency’s relative compliance, Jill received an urgent message.  She was told to turn on the news immediately.

Her stomach churned, she had an idea of what was coming next.

“No, no, no, no…” Jill muttered to herself, staring at the television.  Her worst fears came true: some terrorist agent was giant-sized and was rampaging towards the white house.  She stared with horror as various firearms from soldiers futilely bounced off his body; a few shells from fighter jets confirmed that whatever mutagen he had, it was a lot stronger than Raymond’s.

How did this happen?  There was no doubt in her mind – this was indirectly caused by her.  Jill’s mind was set: she would absorb Raymond’s mutagen, then track down this monster and drain him as well.  She wasn’t sure if the plan was foolproof, but she had to try regardless.

The success rate of the absorption mutagen integrating with her system wasn’t 100% yet, but it was high enough that probability was on Jill’s side.  She’d either obtain the power to avenge Raymond and save innocents, or perish in the process.

Jill created a sample of the mutagen and irreversible destroyed all of her research documents.  With a nod, she plunged the hypodermic needle into herself, and…

Well, she wasn’t dead, and she didn’t spontaneously combust.  That must have meant that it worked.

Jill headed over to Raymond’s corpse.  “Sorry Ray.  We’re out of time again.  Now it’s my turn to play the hero.”  As she grabbed hold of Raymond’s hand, Jill concentrated on absorbing the mutagens in his bloodstream into her own.  

“Rest in peace.” She murmured, a tear falling from her cheek and onto his.

Soon Jill was filled with an overwhelmingly pleasant sensation.  Her entire body warmed up.  Somehow, in the process of absorbing Ray’s mutagens, she gained his interaction with the Ice; her age began to regress – wrinkles in her face smoothed out, and color returned to her hair.  In the process, Raymond’s preserved body aged, and eventually fully perished.  Jill bid him farewell again with a few more tears and another kiss.

Jill returned to her original stature, the damage incurred from decades of aging all but vanished.  Before long she looked identical to when she was in her prime.  Then she continued to grow.  Jill quickly injected herself with the new mutagen to control the process, then forced herself to stop gaining size.  

She already became substantially taller however, standing at an impressive 6 feet of height.  Powerful muscles had formed all along her body.  Her clothes barely fit anymore; her upper half tapered down into an impressive V-shape, and her legs looked like tree-trunks, ready to burst out of her pants at any moment.

Someone burst into the room.  Whether it was due to the terrorist attack, or they sensed a disruption with Raymond’s corpse didn’t matter.

“Whoa, what the- hey!  What the hell!?” The man sputtered.

“Oh shut up.  Bring me to that giant bastard.  Immediately.  I’m going to show him what happens when people abuse Raymond’s power.” Jill tensed her right arm, a 15-inch softball of power burst through her sleeve.

“R-right away ma’am!”


The transport brought Jill to the White House in a flash.  Fortunately, the giant terrorist hadn’t made much progress towards its target, though a huge number of destroyed tank and helicopters lay by his feet.

Jill wasted no time – it was do or die.  She began running towards her target while initiating the transformation.  Jill felt a pleasurable surge run through her unlike anything she had ever experienced; surpassing even sex with giant Raymond in pleasure.  Only with immense discipline was she able to stop herself from letting out groans of arousal.

Her limbs thickened and lengthened – drawing upon her nuclear energy to fuel her growth.  Soon she was 7 feet tall, her clothes desperately straining against her growing form; within a matter of seconds she was 8 feet tall, tears forming along the same garments.  

And soon enough her clothes were soon reduced to tatters, falling on the ground around her.  The act of outgrowing her garments was liberating; she felt a rush as the wind blew against her bare body.  And Jill's form was so perfect, without an ounce of fat to be found, that she felt zero shame at all.

The full transformation took a few minutes.  Fortunately, the terrorist was still preoccupied with fending off the armed forces attacking him.  Her clothes were soon reduced to tatters, falling on the ground around her.  The act of outgrowing her garments was liberating; she felt a rush as the wind blew against her bare body.  And Jill's form was so perfect, without an ounce of fat to be found, that she felt zero shame at all.

Massive rippling muscles continued gaining size; not an ounce of fat could be found anywhere aside from her proportionately large breasts.  Soon her right thigh alone was as high as a six-foot tall soldier, and contained far more muscle mass.  Jill stood at a proud 30 feet of height, perfectly proportioned and athletically built – like a lightweight bodybuilder’s.  

Yet… despite her impressive transformation, Jill was still comparatively tiny next to the other giant: he stood a staggering 50 feet tall – 20 feet higher than her.  But Jill wasn’t deterred.  She held firm belief in her ability to drain mutagens, and began running towards her opponent.  

Each footstep left a sizable crater in the concrete beneath her.  The other giant finally noticed her.  As Jill approached, he brought his leg up to give her a hard kick.  As her opponent’s foot closed in, Jill focused on absorbing his mutagens.  The blow had great impact, and caused her to keel over; but she still managed to steal some mutagens, causing her to grow another foot in height while her adversary conversely shrank as much.

The male giant felt something strange, but paid no mind to it.  Meanwhile, Jill knew from the small surge of energy that her plan was working.  She flung herself at her opponent and grabbed onto him, focusing entirely on stealing his mutagens.  Power flooded into her at a rapid pace, her immense form growing even further while he started to dwindle away.

The terrorist realized something was wrong and quickly threw Jill off, sending her flying several feet back with a massive crash – causing untold collateral damage.

Despite the impact, Jill was feeling better than ever, and quickly leapt to her feet, causing the ground to shake beneath her.  She didn’t hesitate, and quickly closed the distance, engaging her opponent in a grapple.  The male giant's muscles were still larger, but Jill was close to him in strength, able to keep their hands locked.  More power flooded into her, while his conversely decreased, making the task even easier.

Jill and the other giant now stood eye-to-eye, each towering 40 feet into the air.  

In a last ditch effort, the terrorist tugged away with all of his strength.  He collected his might and fired off a punch.  Jill managed to intercept it, and stole some more mutagens, shifting the balance of power to her favor as she stood a foot taller than him.

“Feeling weaker?”  Jill asked with a grin.

Her opponent grimaced.

Jill tightened her grip, and he let out a shout.  “How unfortunate, because I’m feeling stronger!” she exclaimed, her forearm gaining even more muscle.  She flexed her right arm for emphasis and chuckled as it simultaneously grew larger.

Reduced to 35 feet against Jill’s 45 feet, the male giant brought his left hand back, formed a fist, and desperately tried to punch her midsection.  The male giant's fist landed against Jill's immense rippling abs with little effect; it harmlessly bounced off and he let out a howl of pain.  Worse (better) yet, Jill stole even more mutagens in the process, causing her to grow another foot while he shrank that much; their muscles shifted similarly, and the balance of power tipped ever further in Jill's favor.

Jill grabbed hold of him with both of her hands, the spans of which were taking up an increasingly larger proportion of his body.  He tried pulling away with all of his might, but as Jill gained a 10 foot advantage over him, was utterly stuck within her grasp.

She held him into the air; despite his massive size, he looked increasingly like a small child within her grip.  Soon he was reduced to 20 feet next to Jill’s 60…  Then 15 to 65…

As Jill siphoned the remaining mutagens from the man's body, she conversely became that much more impressive: her hair shone even more brilliantly blonde; eyes sparkled more crisply; skin radiated even more; and her course, her muscles became even denser - holding that much more potential strength within them.

With every last mutagenic trace removed from his body, the terrorist lay flat in Jill's hands.  He still had a fit body, but was rendered effectively harmless.  With a mere squeeze Jill could have effortlessly ended the terrorist's life.  It was tempting - he clearly had true malicious intent, and would have killed countless lives if she hadn't interfered.  Just a mere twitch would ensure that he would never harm anyone ever again.  And Jill doubted that she would get in any trouble for it.  In truth, death would have arguably been preferable to what the government had in store for him.

But Jill fought the urge.  She bent down and handed the now-powerless terrorist to the awaiting feds.

The mere act of growing had caused the craters around her feet to expand; large cracks formed along the surrounding street, and a few vehicles had been destroyed.  

"Woops..." Jill's voice boomed.  "Sorry everyone!" her tremendous lungs exuded so much sound that she could be heard from miles away; a literal gale of wind burst forth from the speech.  

Her work concluded, Jill began to shrink back down to her normal size.  But before returning back to her original height, she decided to stop at 6’2” – being tall was simply too much fun.  She also retained a good amount of muscle: 17 inch biceps sat beside a hard, rippling eight-pack.

5.)  Later

Jill initially thought that her good deed would allow her to finally retire in peace.  But it wasn’t long until another federal agent approached her, and offered for Jill to join a team of special mutagenic operatives who would be deployed to combat disasters like the giant terrorist.  It was also implied that the government was not amused with the way she destroyed Raymond and they had little to show for it – other than an effectively unstoppable Jill.

For a while Jill refused.  Her end goal was to be left alone after all.  But with a renewed lease on life came a certain restlessness.  And something else was eating away at her as well: perhaps it was Raymond’s spirit within her, or maybe she was simply inspired by his heroic actions of the past – Jill wanted to help people, even if she didn’t trust her government.  She also realized that by being right in the heart of mutagenic action, Jill could help ensure that scientific research was never abused in this fashion again.

Jill eventually agreed.  

Plus... if Jill were fighting wrongdoers with mutagens coursing through their bodies, who was to say she shouldn't steal that power away for herself?

- To be concluded!
The long overdue chapter 2 of Jill!  Hope you enjoy it!
The-Macromancer Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017
I'm hoping this story continues, been looking for stories like this. Growth, size-theft, muscle expansion. 
jsiejkd Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017
I hope she continues to absorb everything!:3. Have her become the planet's savior!:3
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