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Mother Knows Best - Part 4: Power Shift
by MagnusMagneto (MagnusMagneto23)
Original concept by Ritualist of deviantart

"So... does this mean I have to live a healthy lifestyle?" Cory nervously asked his mother.  "You know, no more xbox, no more junk food, lots of lifting weights..."

"Nope." Tara responded nonchalantly.

"Huh?" Cory responded, confused.

"I actually want you to play xbox even more, only eat junkfood, and stay away from weights." Tara explained.

Cory let out a nervous chuckle.  "Surely you're joking...?" he asked with concern coating his voice.

"No.  I'm not.  In fact I want you to move your television and xbox into the living room.  I'll be regularly checking the built-in parental controls to make sure you're playing it."  Tara explained, completely serious.

"But... I thought the whole point of this was to prove that healthy living is best?"

"Originally it was.  Now it's about your attitude towards women."

"What?" Cory looked completely dumbfounded.

"You heard me.  Remember all those patronizing remarks about how girls can't be strong?  About the perks of being a man?  Well we're going to put your misogyny to the test."

"Mom, I was just teasing..." Cory tried to save face.

Tara put her hands on her hips, Cory let out a gasp as her powerful lats and traps flared out from behind.  "Even if you were 'just teasing' you need to be taught a lesson.  I only wish that every man could be taught this lesson."

Cory let out a sigh.  "Ok mom.  What do I have to do?"

"You will have a list of chores to complete, just like a housewife.  The house will be spotless at all times, and you will be responsible for cooking my meals.  If ANY of my food is missing, then you're in big trouble, and I have every last morsel memorized, rest assured."

"What do I eat then?" Cory meekly asked.

"The same stuff you've been eating the past month.  Anyways, I'm going shopping.  I want the house spotless, and a nice big chicken dinner ready when I return, and for you to be playing xbox."

And with that, Tara got into her car and started the long drive into town.
Cory was absolutely dumbfounded.  How did this happen?  How did his mother get so strong?  It had to have been that damn exercise machine.  As soon as he was sure his mother was gone, he made his way to the basement.  He approached the machine and turned it on.  The screen displayed a simple message "Welcome User:  Tara!" and had an input for a password.  Beneath it was an option for a new user.  "Password?" Cory muttered to himself.   "Why does a weight machine need a password?  Whatever."  He tapped the new user button.  

The machine promptly displayed:
The administrator of this machine has recently changed the new user profile setup rules. The administrator must be logged in to create a new user identity.  Current administrator: Tara

Cory let out a sigh.  He tried a couple obvious passwords to no avail, and gave up.  After a few minutes of mulling over his options, he decided to just clean the house, cook her dinner, play some xbox and see where things go from there.

Meanwhile, Tara was stocking up on more food than ever.  Last time she had two full carts, this time she had four, requiring two separate checkouts.  The bill rang up to a few hundred dollars, which she put onto her brother's credit card without hesitation.  Next she hit up the vitamin shop again.  Tara loaded her cart up with another month's supply of all the supplements she was taking.  Finally, she grabbed two month's supply of the Miracle-Power protein mix.  As she brought her stuff to the checkout, she noticed the cashier was the man who 'assisted' her last time.

"Remember me?" Tara asked the man, as she continued placing her products on the counter.

"Holy shit... Is that..." was all he could reply with.

"Yup.  Looks like that powder works on women too." Tara explained, proudly flexing her 14" inch biceps.

"May I...?" the man asked, reaching his hand over.

Tara nodded with a smile.  He gave her arms a hard squeeze.  

"You've got some pythons there missey.  Congrats!"  

"Oh, you haven't seen anything yet." Tara told him with a wink.

"Hmm, I dunno ma'am, it looks like you've reached your natural capacity for muscle..."

"Whatever."  Tara coldly replied, handing over her brother's credit card to pay off the almost 5000$ purchase.

The next stop on her shopping spree was the beauty salon.  She wouldn't be pampering herself today, but instead was stocking up on the best possible creams, lotions, nail paints, nail paints, shampoos and conditioners.  Another couple hundred dollars on the credit card.  

Next on her shopping spree was the local book store.  Tara grabbed two hand-baskets, and filled half of one with guides for massaging, nail care, hand/foot care, and facial mask creation.  She then finished the basket off with some books on healthy cooking and cooking for bodybuilders.  After filling the first basket up, she made her way towards the back where all the college level textbooks were.  She grabbed as many as her second basket would hold - Biology, Chemistry, Calculus, Accounting, Business Finance, Introduction to Medicine, Introduction to Law and Psychology for now.  Due to the price of textbooks, her total was a little over 900$, all courtesy of her brother.  Finally, Tara stopped at the closest video game store and grabbed some more titles for Cory to play.  Dragon Effect 3, Elder Scrolls: Fallout, and Super Street Warrior.  

As Cory heard the door open, he rushed over to the entrance.

"Hi mom, need any help?" he asked sheepishly.

"Nope." Tara grabbed as much of the load as possible, causing all of her muscles to threateningly bulge from the force of the bags.  Cory followed her around like a whimpering dog.  She dumped them onto the kitchen floor and got the remainder with a second trip.  "The house isn't spotless yet."  

"Sorry...  I've never had to clean before..."

"You'll take care of that later."  Tara started eating the meal he prepared for her.  "For now just put all of the stuff I bought away."  

Cory immediately started sorting everything.  He eventually got to the books.  "Aww man, are you going to make me do school work?"

"Nope.  Those are mine.  Your books are in the other basket."

"Beauty books..?  Cooking books?" he asked in disbelief.

"Yes.  I expect you to be able to give me an adequate massage by 11 PM tonight.  You'll be able to perform a manicure and pedicure tomorrow evening.  Facial mask the following evening.  You will perform these services for me nightly. You will also learn how to cook a new meal for me every day. You will be cooking me multiple meals a day.  You will NOT touch any of my food, vitamins or beauty supplies, aside from when you are cleaning or preparing something for me.  My body is not the only thing that has sharpened, I WILL remember every last pill in every last bottle.  You are free to eat as much of your food as you want.  You will learn to clean the house faster and more efficiently.  The house will be spotless by dinner time every day.  My bedroom included."

Cory gulped audibly.  "And what will you be doing?"

"Me?  I'll strengthening every fiber of my body.  Filling my body with the best protein money can buy, the best vitamins money can buy, and the best food money can buy. Sharpening my mind as I absorb textbook after textbook.  Then after a hard day of pushing myself to my limits, my son will pamper me.   Does this all sound a little familiar?"


"Every day I worked, cleaned, cooked and took care of you, while you went to school, worked out and played at home.  Housewives and mothers across the world do the same.  Now you get to understand how they feel, and I get to see what it's like to have all the free time I want to develop myself."


"No more chatting.  You've got dishes and a kitchen to clean.  Not to mention this living room needs vacuuming, and my bed needs making.  Plus you need to read up on how to give a proper massage.  Also I need another meal ready by 4 hours from now.  Have you even touched your xbox?  I'll let you pass today, but tomorrow I expect at least 3 hours logged on that thing.  I even got all of the recent games you were groveling for a couple months ago."  and with that Tara made her way to the basement.

Cory nervously began to wash the dirtied dishes.  A few minutes passed, and he heard a monstrously loud noise coming up the stairs.  After a few moments, the basement door burst open to reveal his mother carrying up the entire Ultra-Gym-Total-Flex-Bow machine.

"Do you need a hand?" Cory meekly offered.

Tara laughed out loud.  "Are YOU seriously asking ME that?" she said, putting the machine down with a massive thud in the living room.  She proceeded to plug the  in and set it up.  "What are you gawking at?  Get back to dish washing."

Cory audibly gulped, turned around, and returned to his chores.  

A few moments later, Cory could hear the loud clashing of weights in the room behind him, followed by his mother's loud breathing.

"That's right Cory.  I'm going to be right here." Tara yelled out  "Watching you waste away while I grow even stronger..." The weights clashed as Tara finished another repetition.  "And stronger..." another clash.  "and STRONGER." she yelled out followed by a sadistic laugh.

Cory gulped again and intentionally kept his field of view away from his mother.  The sight of her already impressive muscles pumping up to even larger proportions was too painful for his pride to bare.  Not wanting to attract his mother's attention by finishing while she was still in the living room, Cory washed the dishes as slowly as he could without halting progress.  

After fifteen minutes passed, Tara yelled out from the living room "You're almost finished with the dishes, right Cory?"  

He had no choice.  "Uhh.  Yeah mom." he yelled back, hurrying his pace significantly.

"That's going to be yes ma'am from now on." Tara shot back.

"Yes... ma'am" Cory responded, rushing to finish the dishes.  After finishing the dishes, Cory tried to sneak into his room.

"Where do you think you're going?" Tara asked, not dropping a beat to her workout.

"Uhh.. to my room." Cory responded

"You're not allowed in your room until you go to sleep." Tara explained.  "Besides, you need to vacuum this living room." she commanded.

Cory sheepishly grabbed the vacuum,  plugged it in and started vacuuming.  He occasionally glanced over at his mother completing repetition after repetition.  As Tara bicep's expanded ever so slightly past 14 inches from exertion, Cory felt a massive pit form in his stomach.  He wondered just how strong she could get, and if she would continue being so strict for the next two months.  Even more worrisome was what would happen after they got home... If Tara got too strong, could he ever catch up?

As soon as Cory finished vacuuming, his mother finished up her workout.  Her powerful body was glistening with sweat from her efforts.  "Good for now."  Tara told her son.  "You'll learn to get more efficient vacuuming with time.  Believe me, you'll have plenty of practice at it."  She smirked  "Now, go make me a protein shake.  One full glass of super enriched milk with a full scoop of the miracle-power protein powder."

"Alright." Cory responded.

"I think you meant 'yes ma'am' "  

"Uh, yeah."  Cory responded.  "I mean yes ma'am!" he interrupted himself.

Cory quickly prepared the shake for his mother and brought it over to her.  

"Take this and pat me dry." Tara commanded, handing him a towel in exchange for the shake.  

Cory begrudgingly obliged and started to slowly wipe the sweat off of his mother with the tower.

"Don't be shy.  I know I'm your mother, but this is a task you'll be performing frequently, along with massaging, so you need to grow very comfortable with my muscular body."

"But... this is so weird..." Cory responded.

"Nonsense, I dried you as a child, now it's time for you to repay the favor."

Cory audibly gulped and picked up the pace.  Even through the tower he could feel that his mother's muscles were rock hard... much harder than his own, even before the summer.  

Tara gulped down the rest of her shake as Cory finished his task.  She let out a refreshed  "Ahhh." upon finishing.  "And this, my son, is the secret ingredient to my strength."  Tara lustfully licked her lips, making sure to get every morsel of the beverage.  "Of course, without a healthy lifestyle and lots of weight lifting, this is pretty useless."  She proceeded to wipe the saliva off of her lips.  "However..." she continued.  "It enables me to reap the rewards of my work even faster than I normally could..." she said as she fully gripped the glass within her hand and started to squeeze it, causing her forearms to pop out powerfully.  "And to think Cory..."  as she squeezed harder and harder cracks began to form on the glass.  "You could have had this power too if you simply followed your mother's advice." and with that Tara completely shattered the glass.  To Tara's surprise, none of it stuck into her ultra durable skin.

Cory's jaw practically dropped at his mother's feat of strength.  

"Now, I'm going off for an evening run.  I want all of this glass cleaned up, another meal cooked, and for you to know how to properly massage me by the time I get back."  Tara explained.

"Another meal?!  You just had one..." Cory was astonished at his mother's appetite.

"Yes.  Get used to it.  I have to feed this body of mine." Tara responded, striking a double bicep pose for emphasis. "I want three steaks, medium rare."

Cory reactively shrunk away a bit from his mother at the sight of her powerful arms.  "Um.  When do I eat?"  he asked nervously.

"You can whatever you want whenever you're not doing something for me, as long as it's from the food designated to you." Tara explained motioning towards the cupboard full of the junk food she bought for her son.  "Feel free to get as jolly and round as you'd like." Tara said, letting out a giggle as she poked her son's relatively soft belly.  "Just remember.  Do NOT eat anything of mine, ESPECIALLY not the supplements and vitamins."  

Cory nodded.  "Yes ma'am."

"Good boy.  See you later!" Tara happily exclaimed as she made her way out.

As soon as his mother was out of sight, Cory let out a large sigh of relief.  He put the steaks on the stove, and started cleaning up the glass as they cooked.  After cleaning up the broken glass, Cory finally found himself able to take a moment to collect his thoughts.  There was no way he could catch up to his mother under these circumstances, but he had to do something.  He couldn't use the weight machine unless he figured out the password, and the treadmill downstairs wouldn't help him build muscle.  His only option for now was pushups, which backfired last time.  Cory had to admit, his mother was right, going a month eating only junk food was a terrible idea.

It suddenly hit him like a ton of bricks.  That was it!  The missing puzzle piece.  Protein.  Corey started rummaging through all of the food in his cupboard, scouring each and every nutritional facts.  "God damn." he said to himself.  There was almost no protein whatsoever.  The only items with any traces of protein were whatever had cheese...  and he'd physically be unable to eat enough for his muscles to grow.

Desperate, Cory started looking through everything in his mother's food supply.  Every single item was packed to the brim with nutrients!  Unfortunately, it would be really easy for his mother to notice a steak, egg or even bacon slice was missing.  The only thing that would be easy to steal would be lettuce, which lacked the essential protein he needed.  

There was only one viable option - the Miracle Power protein powder.  Cory grabbed the tub and read the back.  "Take immediately after exercising for maximum effectiveness."  He figured he'd do some pushups, eat half a scoop of this dry, and there would be no way his mother would know.  Cory dropped to the ground and started doing pushups.  He only managed to complete 29 before his arms gave out.  This was bad, he was even weaker than the last time he tried.  Oh well.  He had to make due.  After quickly shoving the half scoop of dry powder into his mouth, he washed it down with some water.

Hoping that his plan would work, Cory put the powder back and took the steaks off the grill before they went past medium-rare.  Satisfied with his little rebellion, Cory sat down in the living room and started reading the massage book his mother kept pestering him about.

After 20 minutes or so, Tara returned.  "I'm home!" she excitedly announced.  "And surprise surprise, I'm faster than ever!"  she exclaimed.  "Man, I'm parched, time for a PROTEIN SHAKE."  

Cory gulped at hearing this and sunk his face lower into the book he was reading.

A few moments later, Cory heard his mother yelling from the kitchen.  "CORY. GET IN HERE THIS INSTANT."  Tara stomped her powerful foot to the ground, causing the entire floor to shake.

Cory quickly scampered to the kitchen.  "U-uh... yes?" he meekly asked.  

"You thought you could get away with stealing my secret ingredient, huh?"

"Uh-uh-uh-what?" Cory was stuttering from fear.

"Heh.  My body's not the only thing that's gotten far superior to yours.  My mind has never been sharper in my life.  It was pretty easy to memorize exactly where the powder leveled off.  I estimate you took roughly half of a scoop."

Cory was practically shaking from fear.

"Don't even try to lie.  Now.  For your punishment."  Tara calmly stated.


"Yup."  Slowly, Tara grabbed an extra tall glass from the shelf nearby.

Cory could only imagine what unspeakable things she'd do with all of her might.  Would she beat him?  That would be illegal, but what could he do?  Nobody would believe that a 5'10" boy in his physical prime was beaten badly by his mother.  What if she broke one of his bones like she did that glass!?

Next, Tara grabbed the milk from the fridge and poured it into the glass, almost to the brim.

Was she going to throw milk at him?  That would be kind of mean, but it didn't seem so scary.  Cory wasn't sure what was going on.

Tara then picked up the protein powder.  "Now...  Normally I use one scoop of protein powder." she explained, putting one scoop into her glass.  "I figure since you stole half of a scoop..." she continued, filling the scoop exactly half way.  "I'll now use one and a half scoops for every single protein shake from here on out." she calmly explained, putting it into the milk and mixing it.

Cory was dumbfounded.  A completely flat "What." was all he could manage to say.

"Don't you get it?  Now I'm going to be drinking even MORE protein." Tara started, taking a long gulp of the shake.  "Which means that instead of having four shakes a day with one scoop each..." she took another long gulp.  "I'm going to have four with one AND a half scoops each..."  she finished off the drink.  "Giving my muscles 50% more of the best protein money can buy!" she started laughing a bit.

"Oh god..." Cory quietly muttered.

"That's right."  Tara responded.  "Actually.  I have a fun idea.  Every time you break a minor rule, such as not finishing a task on time or being disrespectful, I'll drink a protein shake on the spot in addition to the ones I normally drink."

Cory's eyes grew wide with terror.

"Major infractions, such as stealing from me, will result in me permanently using more protein powder in every shake."  

Cory was practically whimpering with fright.

Tara was grinning from ear to ear.  She finally managed to find a working punishment system for her son... and she didn't have to resort to violence or depriving him of privileges.  Just the sheer fear of her growing even faster was more than enough to keep him in line.  "Oh.  And another thing.  I'm going to naturally be adding more powder per shake every few weeks, so whatever punishments you incur will be added onto that."  

All Cory could do was nod.

Feeling satisfied, Tara made her way over to the steaks her son prepared.  "Good job on the steaks though.  Now go finish that massage book." she commanded before sinking her teeth into some of the best meat money could buy.  Satisfied with Cory's work, she decided to cut him some slack and quickly clean the dish she ate off of.  As much fun as she was having with her newfound position of complete authority, she still loved her son.

After finishing up in the kitchen, Tara made her way over to the Ultra-Gym-Total-Flex-Bow for yet another workout.  Cory was obediently sitting in the living room reading up on how to properly give a massage.  After noticing his mother starting up the machine, he tried to stealthily get out of the room.  He really didn't want to sit next to his mother while she became even more powerful.

"Where do you think you're going?" Tara asked.

"Umm.  To go do the dishes?" Cory nervously responded.

"I already took care of those.  Sit down, read, relax, and enjoy watching me get stronger right before your very eyes."

Cory sighed, sat down again and resumed the book.  Despite his best efforts, he found himself unable to fully concentrate on reading.  He was certainly making progress, but the sounds of weight clashing a few feet away from him, coupled with the knowledge that his mother was growing more and more powerful than him, made him feel slightly nauseous.  After ten minutes or so, which felt like an eternity, Cory couldn't help but turn over and sneak a peak.  Tara was performing single arm cable curls, which was basically the equivalent of the bicep curls he used to perform in gym class.  

"Hey, uh, mom?" Cory timidly asked.

"Yes dear?" Tara asked, smiling as she performed another perfect-form curl.

"How much weight is that?"

"Glad you asked!" Tara enthusiastically responded.  "I'm currently up to 50 pounds on this exercise, though I'm able to do so many reps that I'll be upping that very shortly..."

Cory thought about his previous time in the gym, realizing that she was almost up to double his former best of 30 pound dumbbells.

"What's really cool about this machine..." Tara continued.  "Is that it utilizes super-magnets for the weight, which means that you don't lose any efficiency like you would with a pulley system."

"Huh?" Cory responded.

"Well, you know how at the gym there were weight machines?"

Cory nodded

"As you probably know, those aren't quite as efficient as free weights since the pulleys in the machine make lifting the weight slightly easier." Tara explained. "However, since this utilizes magnetism, it works just as efficiently as a free weight.  Actually, according to the scientists behind the machine, it's actually MORE challenging than free weights, although old school gym rats try to deny it."

"Cool." was all Cory could muster before returning to his book.

After an hour that felt like an eternity for Cory, Tara was finally finished.  She quickly commanded him to towel her off.  As Cory moved the towel along her exposed flesh, he couldn't help but swear that her muscles were somehow even harder than the last time he toweled her.  Next Tara ordered him to fetch her a protein shake, with one and a half scoops this time.  Cory made his way over to the kitchen and grabbed a glass along with the ingredients.  He turned around and noticed that his mother wasn't looking since she was fiddling with the exercise machine.  "I can't let her keep getting so much protein..." he thought, putting only one scoop into the milk.  After mixing the beverage thoroughly, he nervously brought it over to his mother.

Tara observed the shake and immediately scowled.  "Cory.  I told you one and a half scoops!  Not just one!" she explained with annoyance in her voice.

"Oh.. um..." Cory started

"Don't bother.  Whether you legitimately messed up or intentionally put in less powder, you still made a mistake, which means punishment."

Cory gulped loudly.

Tara made her way over to the kitchen and put the missing half scoop of powder into the drink.  Satisfied, she greedily gulped the shake down with no breaks.  "Ahhh.  You have no idea how good it feels to drink one of these after  a workout.  Now.  For your punishment."  Tara proceeded to make another shake right in front of Cory's eyes and swallowed it with just as much ease as the first one.  "Mmmmm.  Even MORE power for me!" Tara enthusiastically exclaimed, flexing her right arm.  "Now.  I'm going to take a shower.  I expect you to be ready to massage me by the time I'm done." and with that Tara strode over to her bedroom.

While Tara showered, Cory nervously finished reading the basics for massaging.  After 20 minutes or so Tara called him into her room.  He walked in to find his mother wearing nothing but a bra and short-shorts.  For the first time he realized just how... built she was.  While he used to have a tough four pack, she had a downright impressive six-pack.  Each individual ab was powerfully carved out, and she had matching obliques on each side.  Cory, being male, also couldn't notice how incredible her breasts had become.  He felt shameful for thinking it, but they were way perkier than any of the girls in his high school.  

"You know, wearing this little clothing is much nicer.  Get used to seeing me like this." Tara could see the combination of fear, envy and guilty attraction in her son's eyes.  "Well, let's get started."  and with that she laid down on her bead, revealing her powerfully built back.  "Go on, dig in!" she commanded.

Cory applied some high quality moisturizer nearby to his fingers and nervously started spreading it around her back.  He was impressed at how such soft and smooth skin covered rock hard muscle.  Next he started to dig his fingers in using the techniques the book described.    

"Mmmm, that feels good." Tara complimented with a slight moan in her voice.  "Dig deeper."

Cory obliged, but found that the deeper he dug his fingers in, the more painful it was for him.  It was like jamming his fingers into cement.  After twenty minutes or so of this, Cory had fully explored every inch of his mother's back.  "Ok, I think I'm done."  he stated.

"Hmmm?  You've only just begun.  I want every muscle in my body attended to.  Except for my private areas of course."

Cory gulped again.

"Go on, massage my butt."  she ordered with a giggle.

Cory begrudgingly obeyed and performed the same motion on her glorious behind.  It was even harder than her back, and after a few minutes his forearms began to tremble from the effort involved.  Sensing her son's weakness, Tara toyed with him by flexing her glutes, making it nearly impossible for Cory to dent her whatsoever.  "Just wait until my entire body is that hard." she said.  Cory did not want to imagine that at all.

After her butt, Cory proceeded to massage her legs and feet.  Next he made his way to her frontside where he had to take care of her abdomin, arms and pecs (careful to avoid her breasts) before finally completing his task.  

The one and a half hour long massage session was brutal for Cory, both physically and mentally.  Not only was he exhausted from physically digging his fingers into such powerful flesh, it was also taxing to imagine that this was his mother.  Just a mere month ago she was so weak and frail - he could easily dent her muscles when fully flexed, but now he hurt himself digging into her while she was fully relaxed.  On top of the realization of just how much more powerful she had become was the fact that she showed no sign of stopping anytime soon.  He simply had to hope that she'd real her natural limits.  As if that weren't enough, Cory couldn't help but feel a strange attraction to his mother's new form, causing him immense guilt.  No doubt that if they weren't related he would be rather enjoying giving the massage.

"Well done for your first try." Tara told her son.  "Of course, I expect you to become more skilled at this over time.  I also expect you to perform a full pedicure and manicure in addition to massaging me tomorrow night, and the night after that you'll apply a facial mask."

Cory merely nodded.

"Now, go to bed and rest.  This is simply the first of many, many nights in the next two months, and I've only just begun to get stronger."

And with that, Cory headed to bed, unsure of what to do next other than to wait and see.

- To be continued.
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MagnusMagneto Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
Thanks! I'm not entirely sure when, but there's definitely more to this story coming down the road.
david5647 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012
Further, simply because Cory has the "pangs" about Tara's incredible new super body, doesn't exclude the possibilities of her becoming the desire of all who encounter her including friends (male & female) of Cory's, and others everywhere she goes. Her potential future power, and intellect could make her a most domineering and irresistible goddess force.
KeithXZ Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
Awesome story. To me, the enjoyment in a story like this occurs in the progress, in the process of getting to the end.

I like that this story is progressing more or less realistically, slowly, descriptively and developing the characters, rather than leaping ahead to the end.

I think you should do a turn at exploring Tara's intellectual development too.

But again, my preference is stories that are within the realm of possibility.

The problem with super-humans is they need super-villains of similar power in order to prove their courage and determination. To my mind, much better to push keep the plot within the realm of possibility as long as possible.

I find too many authors rush things, and then they're quickly stuck with a 8'6" person driving a car or entering a building, simple things that are difficult even at 6'9".
MagnusMagneto Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
Glad you enjoyed the story. I too am a big fan of slow growth in FMG stories. Tara will become something somewhat super human (in comparison to real life), but nothing like the majority of FMG stories out there.

As foreshadowed, there will indeed be some significant improvement to Tara's intellect (which will play into the story).
david5647 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
Fascinating to think Tara is becoming so intellectually superior that it'll only be a matter of time before she analyzes and improved the super protein powder she is mixing to bring her to muscle strength and power levels to a degree thst previously could not even be conceived. Her physique, strength and sexiness should very soon border on superhuman. Those pangs of attraction Cory is feeling are just starting and Tara will become harder than steel all over.
MagnusMagneto Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
Well, I don't want to spoil too much, but some of your predictions are certainly true =) (Although the story won't veer into incest really, sorry)
david5647 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
Thank you for your reply. The inference of the attraction was not necessarily the expectation or incest however, when Tara becomes the total (almost superhuman) superior intellectually and physically, many stories have accompanied an awakening of the superior woman's ability to turn on immense sexual power and control. Not that it will necessarily gravitate to incest, but if there was an inference to her enhanced sexual power and the corresponding loss of control, resistance of the males around, it certainly would be exciting and intriguing.
re-tard Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012
I've read nearly all of your stories, and they would all seem seriously misandrist, if you didn't take into account that you live in america, the second most misogynistic place on earth. In a place where over half of the population are bigots, it's not hard to see these male patriarch stereotypes. Either way, your stories are slowly paced, but pretty good. Keep up the good work.
MagnusMagneto Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012
I'm going to have to actually respectfully disagree. This particular story, does indeed have some very strong misandrist elements. While I agree that America does have some sense of patriarchy, I simply have to point to numerous nations in the Middle East as well as China in response to america being the second most misogyny place on earth.

Regardless, Brian and Kelly Alternate has a little bit of misandry in the sense that Brian acts like a jackass... But I fail to see how that's "seriously misandrist" as opposed to a single character becoming corrupted by power.

As for the rest of my stories, I fail to see how any of them feature serious misandry:

Jessica and Trent contains none beyond Jessica's backstory. While Jessica herself is resentful towards her father and brother, she is fully loving towards Trent and has done nothing even remotely mean to him. Trent is also shown in an almost completely positive light (or he should be at least)... He's mostly afraid that if Jessica were bigger than him she'd lose interest (Since in cultures worldwide the typical woman prefers her mate to be larger)

Peach and Daisy practically has no male characters aside from Toadsworth, therefore it can't really be misandrist.

Big Things in Small Packages features 3 main male characters: Mark, Jerry and the gym teacher. If anything, Jerry is fully supportive of Jennifer and is portrayed in a positive light. The gym teacher is manipulated by his girlfriend - a situation that isn't exactly misandrist. Finally, Mark is indeed shown in a fairly negative light, but it's more so a character flaw in that he's too prideful. If anything, Ms. White is the only real villain in the series.

The other male characters in Big Things are the punk kids on halloween and Dr. Magnus. The punk kids are simply that, punk kids that taunt Jennifer for being a 10 year old girl with the muscles of an adult man... a situation that seems pretty believable. Dr. Magnus was nothing but respectful, even helpful, towards Jennifer.

My only other story, The Duel also isn't quite misandrist... At least it isn't intended to be. The intent (and general consensus) is that the female is borderline evil... multiple times throughout the story, the male character refers to how he's afraid of hurting the woman and is only playing along for her sake. She's the one that becomes abusive at the end of the story.

That's just how I view it all at least. Not trying to come across as rude or anything, I'm just genuinely curious how all of my stories are seriously misandrist. (Except for, of course, this one)
KeithXZ Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
Magnus, I don't think your stories are objectionably mysandrous.

The stories that go too far are the brutal beating to death stories of some other authors.

All you're doing is exploring what happens when a girl or woman achieves more than a man, physically and mentally. It is something that happens (mentally often, physically sometimes), you just accelerate and exaggerate it a bit so it can be explored.

You don't have the woman go all death dealing psycho violent torture killing on some guys whose main offense was looking at her low cut blouse or complaining that his g/f showed up late for their date.

I suppose if you want to do a longer story, you could add in a man or men who are closer challengers to the woman, and have some twists in superiority through the story. Keep it close, no obvious winner for longer. That would add some suspense and allow more in depth exploration.

Say at the end of summer Cory is allowed to start working out, and does the catch up with Tara? He closes in. She figures something new and surges ahead. He copies what she is doing, catches up and passes her. Then she again figures something new. Back and forth, until (6/8/10 chapters later) she finally breaks the superhuman barrier, becomes untouchable, and the story concludes.

Anyway, just my thoughts.

I love your stories!
MagnusMagneto Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
Thanks for the comments - So far only two of my commenters have mentioned the females being too mean or the stories too misandrous, so while I understand their concerns, I know that they are in the minority.

The idea of Cory catching up with Tara and her pulling ahead again is actually really cool, and maybe someday in the future I'll use that concept for a story. Unfortunately, I don't really intend to have Mother Knows Best last longer than another chapter or two. It's a fun story (and possibly my most popular...?) but I do have a rather definitive end in mind, and I think the majority of my readers would prefer to have Tara continue to ascend while Cory has to watch. In fact, I think the fact that Cory is so utterly powerless is what makes the story work so well.

Regardless - the back and forth idea is really cool, and I'm not just saying that. Not entirely sure if/when I'll do a story like that (I have a decently sized commission queue, and a few personal concepts for stories as well), but it's certainly an idea in my head now!
re-tard Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
Sorry if there was some sort of misunderstanding. To clarify, I meant I've read nearly all, implying I've read a majority of them, but not all. Specifically, I haven't read Jessica and Trent, or The Duel.

When I said misandrist, I meant that most of the misogynistic male characters, like Mark, Cory, and Tara's brother are flanderized. As well, most male characters in the stories of yours I've read are either weak willed, insecure, unconfident, or ignorant. I've not seen a character in the stories I've read so far that has been misogynistic purely out of ignorance and hubris. That's what I meant. The "seriously" part was unnecessary.

I try to only read quality material, and I've actually somewhat enjoyed reading your stories. By "second most misogynistic place on earth" I meant that most middle-eastern nations would share #1. As for "slowly paced" I meant to convey a message closer to "less is more", not "boring, and drags on.". I'll make sure to read the rest of your stories in the future.

Thanks for taking time to post your response, instead of hurriedly typing up unintelligble chatter for me to grind my teeth reading. Toodles.
MagnusMagneto Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
Ah, I understand now.

You do raise a very valid point that the misogynist characters do indeed display those qualities, but I have to wonder - is that truly unfair? For the most part, people who are genuinely misogynist act that way due to their own insecurities and/or ignorance. I actually find it pretty easy to believe that the typical man goes about his daily life truly thinking that he's strictly physically superior to a woman, unless she's on steroids or something.

But yes, for the most part the male characters in my stories are indeed pretty flawed. The problem is, this entire genre really lends itself to the males being that way. There's something about an ignorant man boasting his superiority being trumped that's highly alluring for most people. Another major staple is after the female becomes dominant, the man becomes weak willed, or tries to rebel and fails. Different strokes and all that. I totally understand that you want to see some upstanding male characters, but for the most part, readers seem to want to see men get destroyed. (If anything, I'm a lot nicer to the male characters than a lot of the most popular authors. I could grab you examples if you really want)

Anyways, that's something I'll keep in mind (introduce more varied male characters), and I'll work on it if possible, but it's ultimately up to the people who commission the stories to decide what they want the characters to act like.
re-tard Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012
There we go. Your resolved it in one reply. Thanks for understanding, and I'll check for more work from you when I'm not swamped.
re-tard Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
I forgot to add that I haven't read Brian and Kelly yet.
MagnusMagneto Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
I feel like Brian actually has a pretty decent character arc in the original Brian and Kelly story. He starts off as weak willed and insecure, but he grows internally into someone a lot better. (imo, that was the intention at least)

The alternate story however was specifically commissioned for Brian to be an ignorant jerk, lol.
MagnusMagneto Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012
I actually forgot to include the original Brian and Kelly. I don't see any real misandry in that story either. Brian initially feels upset that he can't build muscle like Kelly, a perfectly reasonable reaction, but eventually comes to accept it. Kelly teases him, but the entire time Brian enjoys it... Not to mention the two of them get married in the epilogue...

Honestly, I'd go as far as to say that my stories (except for Mother Knows Best) are less misandrist than the average FMG story.
iceman75 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Really good story here. While I don't like femdom on this order, I did really enjoy the muscle and strength description, so that is something that kept me interested the whole time. As always with your stories, I am really looking forward to more.
MagnusMagneto Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012
More coming for sure! This was a smidgen heavy on the femdom side, but, I justify it because of the way Cory treated Tara in the first two chapters of the story. (I mean, Cory even went as far as to physically hurt her to prove a point in the second chapter) I also tried (and maybe failed) to emphasize that Tara still loved her son... she just wanted to discipline him the best way she could - not to mention she's finally having a chance to really shine.

Anyways, I'm sure they'll learn to peacefully coexist =)
iceman75 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Well, I'm looking forward to that. I do agree that some of the stuff Cory did in the first couple of chapters was pretty bad, and I won't justify it by saying that he was just trying to show what could happen if she went on with it, at the time he was thinking she could never be physically or athletically superior to him, and in his mind, if she went on with the challenge, she would be hurt physically, mentally, and emotionally, but obviously that didn't happen. I too hope that they resolve these problems, and she becomes less harsh. It is set up for some exciting physicality by Tara, which I do look forward to. And if there's a hint in that last phrase toward what the ending is going to include, then I will be much looking forward to that as well. :)
jsiejkd Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012
This is getting quite good to be honest:). This does reminds me of how Marknew and some other FMG writers have gotten their names etched in history:).
MagnusMagneto Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012
As a big Marknew fan, that compliment means a lot! Thanks!
jsiejkd Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012
Wow, same here and I have his contact too!:P Email of his:P
jsiejkd Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012
Plus I wonder how much size she'll be putting on? Any thoughts on that?:P
MagnusMagneto Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012
She'll certainly be gaining a pretty decent amount of size, and much more strength, as well as other things too (intelligence and whatnot)
jsiejkd Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012
Hrm, I wonder if she's going to evolve into a higher being?:P
MagnusMagneto Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012
Hmm, I wouldn't go that far, but she will certainly be very impressive =)
jsiejkd Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012
Good to know!:P Hopefully that she's going to be having lots of fun with a much smaller view:P From her eyes lol:)
MagnusMagneto Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012
jsiejkd Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012
That does reminds me... if her increase in intelligence will continue at that pace... will she eventually attempt to create a even better protein shake formula for advancing her body and mind?:)
jsiejkd Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012
:P Sent you a note mate:). This story could be based off of some anime:P
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