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June 1, 2013
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Stacy's Quest - Chapter 1: The Boots
by MagnusMagneto (MagnusMagneto23)
Starring an original character by Ayanamifan of Deviantart

(This is an FMG starring an original character of Ayanamifan's.  You can see some images of her here:…   While there are many great original muscle-girl characters on Deviantart, something about Stacy always resonated with me.  I've always felt that she had a story to be told, and with Ayanamifan's blessing, I am here to share my interpretation of Stacy with you.)

Part 1.  Three days before first contact.  Friday afternoon.  A warm summer day.

Stacy Gainsworth was in many ways a typical teenage girl.  Like most other 19 year old females, Stacy's biggest joys in life were hanging out with her friends, and looking as good as possible.  Fortunately for Stacy, looking good was an almost effortless task.  Standing at a respectable 5'6", Stacy sported an athletic, lithe figure with just enough curves in all the right places.  She exercised frequently, which kept her in perpetually good shape.  While her body was more than enough to win over most guys, Stacy was the complete package with a flawless face, smooth porcelain skin, silky long black hair and piercing blue eyes.  Despite already being quite blessed physically, destiny had much more in store for the young adult.

Even though all of Stacy's friends constantly assured her she was more than attractive enough for almost any guy, she insisted on constantly working on her appearance.  She had taken to almost obsessively working on any small imperfection she could find.  This included frequently updating her wardrobe.  With summertime starting up, the teen recently put together various outfits centered around a short-skirt and tank top combo that would show off her lithe frame.  Proud of her figure, she preferred her tank tops to reveal 2 inches of her perfectly flat midriff, as well as for her rather short skirts to showcase her naturally long legs.  With the latest semester of community college out of the way, Stacy was free to wear all the revealing clothing she wanted.  Unfortunately, none of her shoes were quite right for the look she desired.

Frustrated that she had visited ever major clothing retailer without finding appropriately matching footwear, Stacy decided to try out some more unconventional retailers.  First on her list was the local pawnshop.  It was a couple miles away, but Stacy was eager to get her daily cardio in anyways.  While the local pawn shop was pretty sketchy, they had a wide variety of odd items.  

As Stacy made her way to the pawnshop, she thought about what else she could do to enhance her image even further.  Thoughts of dedicating more time of her day to day activities like Pilates and calisthenics popped into her mind.  The concept of her already desirable body becoming even more toned was intoxicating to her.  Despite as selfish as it seemed, Stacy wanted her female friends who were already jealous of her to become even more so.  In fact, she wanted every woman in the world to be jealous of her, and for every man to drool over her.  It was a selfish, childish fantasy - yet an extremely natural and human one.

Thanks to her daydreaming, Stacy's journey felt quite short, and she reached her destination.  Not wanting to waste time, the teen immediately started poking around the store.  Before long she  happened upon a large pair of black futuristic looking boots.  "Whoa..." she muttered under her breath as she picked them up.  They were fairly heavy, placing a strain on her slender yet athletic arms, commanding a small, cute bicep to pop out.

Intrigued by the boots, Stacy looked for a size tag but couldn't find one anywhere.  Eager for answers, she brought the boots over to the counter.

"How big are these things?" she asked the grizzled, middle aged shop owner.

"Beats me.  Me and the family all tried to fit into them, and none of us could." he explained.  "It was real strange.  Hard to explain.  Either the damn things were too small, or would slide right off."

Stacy scratched her head.  That did indeed sound quite strange.  "Well... could I try them on?"

"Guess so." the owner replied.

Stacy sat down on a nearby bench and slipped her sneakers off.  It seemed a little strange to just up and try on a random pair of mysterious boots, but she couldn't help but shake the feeling that they would go perfectly with the tank-top and skirt combo.  As she slid her feet into the boots, a strange, alien 'whirring' noise started emitting from them.  A few lights turned on, and an electronic readout prominently displayed the number "10".  "Oh my god..." she muttered under her breath.  "They're electronic!? TOO COOL!"

To the teen's dismay, there was no real mirror in the store for her to check herself out in.  Regardless, Stacy loved the concept of such heavy, menacing looking boots contrasting with her revealing clothing.  In her mind, they made her appear more powerful and commanding.  She stood up to give them a test-walk.  To her surprise, the boots were even heavier than they felt in her arms. Then again, they were quite large.  Regardless, despite some initial difficulty adjusting to their weight, they were perhaps the most comfortably fitting shoes she had ever worn.  

Satisfied with the footwear, Stacy decided she had to have them.  "How much?" she asked the pawn shop owner.

The grizzled man had enough experience to know when a customer really wanted something - that was when he played hardball.  "Well, since them there are electronic boots... They're gonna set ya back a clean $100"

Stacy took out her wallet, looked into it and frowned.  "I've only got 70 on me right now..."

"Hmmm, well, why dontcha' come back after you round up the other 30 and we can make a deal?" he offered.

"Alright..." Stacy responded, feeling defeated.  Fortunately she had a job and would be able to get the rest of the money within a week.  The young woman sat down and reached to take off the boots.  To her surprise, no matter how much she pulled and tugged at them, she was unable to remove them.  She struggled with it for over a minute before resigning.

"Errr..." she said loudly.  "I can't get them off."

"Pfft.  Trying to pull some kind of trick?" the store owner retorted.

"No...  Here, come help me take them off." Stacy offered.

The owner sighed loudly before getting up and moving over towards the girl.  He kneeled down and grabbed onto the right boot before tugging at it with all of his might.  Just like before, the boot wouldn't budge, as if it were locked onto Stacy's foot.

"I'll be damned." the shop owner admitted.  "I knew those boots were weird.  Fine, just gimme the 70 and take the cursed things."

Slightly in shock of the whole situation, Stacy grabbed the money out of her wallet, handed it to the man, and made her way out of the store.  As the she started walking home, the weight of the boots started to truly become apparent.  After about half a mile, Stacy started to feel quite tired.  Feeling defeated, she sat down on the sidewalk to catch her breath.  "Note to self, need to add 30 minutes of running daily to routine." she said quietly, upset with herself.  

Surprisingly, after resting for a few moments, Stacy felt oddly refreshed.  She got up and resumed her walk, finding the boots were suddenly much more manageable.  As the young adult resumed her journey home, her mind drifted again towards childish daydreams, and before long, she reached her home.

As soon as Stacy walked through the door, she made a beeline for her bedroom, eager to see how the boots looked on her.  To her delight, the boots were just what she wanted for the outfit.  While looking over herself, Stacy noticed that her legs were looking more toned than usual.  She attributed it to getting a pump from walking around in the heavy boots and thought nothing more of it.

The rest of the day went by typically.  Once it was time to go to sleep, Stacy was presented with a new problem.  She couldn't get the boots off!  No matter what she did, they remained tightly locked onto her feet.  As she examined the boots, the electronic readout caught her gaze, which displayed a prominent "20".  "Huh... this was definitely a 10 earlier today..." Stacy mentioned, puzzled as to what the number meant.   After trying for over 30 minutes straight to get the boots off to no avail, Stacy eventually gave up and went to sleep with them on.

Part 2.  Two days before first contact.  Saturday.

As Stacy woke up, she proceeded with her daily routine.  While she couldn't get her boots off, she was able to slip the rest of her clothing off.  Not wanting to be unhygienic, she simply showered with nothing but the boots on.  To her surprise, despite being electronic, the boots appeared to be completely waterproof.  Not only were they waterproof, but they were completely watertight - not a drop of water reached her feet.

After getting dressed and eating breakfast, Stacy decided it was time for a morning run.  She made her way to the treadmill climbed on, and activated the 30 minute run mode.  The raven haired beauty experienced what was possibly the most intense run of her life.  She felt as if her legs were being physically challenged the entire time.  As she ran, she felt a rush of energy throughout her body.  She attributed it to exercise endorphins and merely pressed on.

Initially, due to the difficulty she faced during her run, Stacy presumed she was simply too out of shape to properly wear such heavy boots.  She cursed herself and vowed to work on her fitness until she could run with them on without struggling.  After looking down at her legs however, her view changed completely.  "Oh... my god..." she muttered.  Her legs had developed large, powerful muscles.  Where Stacy previously had slender, toned thighs, she now had sizable quadriceps and upside down heart shaped calves.  She reached down and felt her newly forged legs, which were now sleek, rock hard, and completely devoid of any fat.  Stacy's gaze met the electronic display on the boots, which now read "50".

Curious as to just how heavy the boots were, Stacy walked over to the bathroom scale.  After getting onto the appliance, she let out an exasperated gasp at the number that awaited her.  "218 pounds? How is this possible.."  Just the other day she weighed 115.  That's when it clicked.  "50... 50 means 50 POUNDS?  50 pounds EACH?"  This also meant that she was 3 pounds heavier herself, which made sense considering the extra size her legs put on.  

Stacy proceeded to examine herself in the bathroom mirror, and concluded that she actually enjoyed what she saw.  Her legs were now comparable in size and shape to the female athletes on the college sports teams.  She squealed in delight to see that her previously perky butt was now a significantly rounder and shapelier bubble of muscle.

Despite the fact that Stacy loved the way her lower body looked now, she worried that it may get any larger.  While the teen enjoyed the concept of getting stronger and more powerful, she was afraid of the comments others may make if she gained any more muscle.  Terrified of becoming a "thunder-thighs" she decided to stop exercising for the day until she could figure out how to get the boots off.

Unsure of who she could possibly ask for help regarding the boots, Stacy began researching them on the internet.  After a few hours of looking for anything related to the mysterious footwear, she found nothing.  It was as if the boots had appeared out of thin air, or fallen out of the sky.  One thing that did catch her eye however, was that the amount of weight she was carrying was more impressive than she originally realized.  A human running at full speed with 50 lb weights attached to their feet was practically unheard of.  On top of this, her legs weren't exactly THAT huge.  Inquisitively, Stacy dug her fingers into her quadriceps, finding that beneath her perfect, velvet-smooth skin were some of the hardest muscles she had ever felt.

Stacy idly passed the rest of her day, careful to not walk around too much.  She watched the television shows she typically watched and spent more time on her computer, browsing the various social network sites she regularly visited.  The young woman found herself hungrier than usual.  She allowed herself to snack more than she typically would since she knew her newly formed legs would burn more calories on their own.  As the evening approached, Stacy decided to perform her regular upper body and core calisthenics.  Her routine for the evening consisted mostly of push-ups and situps.  In the past Stacy would perform a few pull-ups and hanging leg raises, but with the massively heavy boots, she didn't dare.

Still unable to take the boots off, Stacy resigned to sleeping with them on again - at least they were incredibly comfortable.

Part 3.  One day before first contact.  Sunday.

As Stacy got out of bed, her feet practically crashed to the ground.  Suspicious, she examined the boots, only to find that they had increased overnight to 80 lbs each.  Horrified that they were increasing on their own, Stacy decided to thoroughly examine each nook and cranny.  After carefully investigating the area near the electronic readout, Stacy found two small buttons near the display.  "These MUST turn the boots off!" she exclaimed triumphantly before poking one of them.  To her dismay, hitting the first button merely increased the number on the readout to 90.  "Then certainly the other button lowers the weight..." she reasoned before eagerly poking it.  Instead of a lower number like she hoped for, the readout merely read "Error: Incomplete" the text encompassing the entirety of the display.  Stacy scratched her head, unsure of what that meant.  

Stacy pondered her situation for a few moments.  She hearkened back to all the times her iPod ever acted up, and thought that perhaps she needed to hold down both buttons at once.  The teenager brought her well kept fingers over the buttons and held them both down.  Once again, the readout merely read "Error: Incomplete".  Frustrated, Stacy held the buttons down for a full ten seconds before giving up and releasing them.  After the error message disappeared, Stacy let out a cry of despair at the sight that awaited her - the readout had now increased to 150.

After standing up, Stacy struggled to merely lift her right leg.  As she pulled with all of her might, a strange sensation of energy rushed through her.  It was similar to the endorphin rush she experienced yesterday while running, but even greater this time.  Unbeknownst to the raven haired girl, her legs were immediately adapting to the weight, growing denser and stronger by the moment.  After what felt like a herculean effort, Stacy finally managed to take a full step forward.  To her surprise, she managed to bring her left leg into the air with less effort.  

Typically, Stacy would start the day by showering, but today she was far too hungry. Slowly but surely, the ebony haired beauty made her way to the kitchen.  She prepared herself a massive meal, almost double what she normally would eat.  Normally Stacy would be concerned with increasing her caloric intake, but with all that extra muscle in her legs carrying her, she wasn't very worried.

After eating, Stacy made her way to the bathroom.  Fortunately for the girl, walking wasn't much of a problem anymore.  As she entered the bathroom, she stripped down to only her boots.  The young woman let out an audible gasp at her reflection in the mirror.  While her legs were the size of an athlete's yesterday, they were now at least two or three inches larger.  Her calves had also grown in size.  Stacy felt unnerved.  While she appreciated her legs the day before, now they were going to certainly draw unwanted comments.

Despite being upset over her legs, Stacy had to admit that her butt had become even more glorious.  She proudly wiggled it, reveling in how much nicer it was than all of her friends' butts.  Another nice surprise for the young woman was that her arms and midsection were definitely more toned than the previous day.  Her perfectly flat stomach now had the faint outline of a developing six-pack, and her triceps were now visible without any effort.  Unsure of how to feel, Stacy took a very long shower.

After getting dressed, Stacy decided that today she would do nothing.  She hoped that perhaps if she performed no physical activity, that maybe the boots would go down in weight.  Maybe her legs would slim down a bit.  Not wanting to stimulate her muscles at all, Stacy spent the entire day watching television and browsing the internet, making sure to get up as few times as possible.

Part 4.  Monday.  First contact.

Stacy was abruptly awoken by thunderous noise overhead.  Her entire house rattled from the aftershocks of whatever flew overhead.  Groggily, Stacy poked her head outside of the window near her bed.  She let out a gasp as she saw white streak in the skyline, as if a fighter jet had flown nearby.  Just then, another set of airplanes entered her view.  They were flying extremely close to the ground - something that was only done in extreme emergencies.  What were the planes doing here?  Was there a combat situation?  That made no sense, she was in the middle of America, what nation could fighter jets this far into US territory...  And why would they bother in the first place?

While Stacy was still getting her barrings, her cell phone started ringing.  The caller ID revealed it was one of her friends   "Uhh, hello?" she answered, half awake.  A hurried, frightened voice responded, urging her to turn on the TV.  As Stacy swung her feet over the edge of her bed, her feet instantly fell to the ground.  The entire house shook again as more planes flew over.  Before pressing on, she glanced down, noting that they had increased to 200 lbs each, and cursed under her breath.  Stacy's feet fell to the ground and she repeated the same process as the day before as she slowly lifted her feet up - her legs slowly gaining another inch of girth as they adapted to the weight.

As Stacy made her way to the living room, she could hear still hear the jet planes in the distance.  After finishing her trek, Stacy turned the TV on.  Despite the channel being set to a non-news station, there was a breaking report.  Apparently, aliens had invaded earth.  Stacy stared at the screen, her mouth agape as her jaw literally dropped.  The news report was a scrambled, fractured mess as a flurry of information and soundbites flooded the screen.

It took her a few minutes of careful analysis, but Stacy finally pieced together what happened.  Extraterrestrial life forces entered the atmosphere a few hours ago, and headed straight for the United States.  Despite human attempts to establish peaceful contact, the invaders immediately fired opened and destroyed all nearby aircraft with a bevvy of high tech weaponry.  After hearing the planes overhead, it was more than evident to Stacy that the military was already launching a counterattack.

Most frightening to Stacy, was that it appeared the aliens had actually landed nearby her town.  They immediately began deploying some kind of base just a mere 5 miles away from her house.  As Stacy watched the shocking news, she was interrupted by her phone ringing again.  It was her friend again.

"Yeah.. I'm watching it." Stacy immediately answered.

"Stacy! Listen!" her friend shouted in response.  "The news reports are delayed!  They're HERE, the aliens ARE HERE!"

"Huh?" Stacy replied.  "The report says they're right outside town, how's that d-"

"THEY KIDNAPPED ALBERT AND MILDRED!" her friend screamed, cutting her off.


"And not just them!" she continued, frantic.  "They're rounding up everyone our age, and slaughtering everyone else!  YOU HAVE TO RUN AWAY STACY!"

"O-O-Okay.  Stay safe!" Stacy responded before the call dropped.

A flurry of thoughts raced through Stacy's mind.  How could something as bizarre and insane as an alien invasion really be happening?  Reality hit her.  They were kidnapping her friends, and they would kidnap her too.  She wanted to save them, but even with her thunder-thighs, she knew that there was no way she'd be able to stop them as she currently was.  Stacy knew that she had to escape.

Stacy quickly ran back into her bedroom, causing the entire house to shake due to her combined weight of over 500 pounds.  She grabbed her massive frame backpack and loaded it up with all of the food and water she had in the house.  Next she secured a couple changes of clothes and closed the bag up.  It soon dawned on Stacy that she'd need a place to sleep.  Fortunately, she had been camping a few times in the past, and had appropriate supplies for it.  She grabbed her small one person tent as well as her sleeping bag and bungee corded them onto the top and bottom of the frame backpack.  

The oversized bag was heavy at first, but the all too familiar rush of energy had already begun.  Stacy quickly exited her house and locked it up.  As she gazed down the street, she noticed a massive, alien, tank-like machine parked.  The vehicle had a large gun-like device connected to its roof aimed at the skyline.  With a brilliant flash of light, the vehicle opened fire, causing a brilliant beam of light to emerge.  The beam was followed by the sound of multiple explosions.  As the noise of the explosions died down, Stacy noticed that the fighter planes were rendered completely silent.  Without hesitation, the young woman began running in the opposite direction.  It was tough at first, carrying both the weight of her boots and all of her gear, but the pleasurable rush of energy made the effort bearable as her muscles began immediately adapting.

Stacy wasn't sure where to go, but she knew it had to be away from civilization.  As she began running, she found that her speed was increasing, despite the large amount of cargo she was carrying.  She continued running faster and faster with no real direction - only a desire to escape from her would-be captors.

After what seemed like an hour of running aimlessly, Stacy made her way past the boundaries of the city. She knew that there was a large state park at the base of a mountain about 40 miles away.  It seemed absurd, but she took out her phone, looked up the fastest way to get there, and started running towards it.  Fortunately, she was running far faster than predicted, eventually reaching speeds of over 30 miles per hour.  While running for this long would have normally tired her out long ago, the strange sensation of energy continued coursing through her, allowing her to run with only a few breaks to catch her breath.

Almost two hours later, Stacy found the base of the state park.  Fortunately, nobody else thought to escape to it, which meant the aliens likely wouldn't be looking there anytime soon.  Still, she didn't want her location easily found, so she opted to not use the predesignated camping areas.  The young woman wandered for upwards of an hour, looking for a place to call her new home.

Finally, Stacy found a suitable clearing in wilderness, and put her stuff down.  She collapsed onto the ground, slightly exhausted. The reality of the situation was truly dawning on her.  She placed her face into her hands and breathed deeply.  What was she going to do?  She could only survive out here for so long, and what if the aliens expanded their search?  What were they even looking for?  Why did they want people in their late teens to early twenties?  Why were they killing everybody else?  How was she going to get her friends back?  

On top of all of this, Stacy had to deal with her massive muscle legs and those damn boots.  The porcelain skinned girl felt completely helpless, as if there as nothing she could do.  In a fit of range, she stood up and stomped the ground with all of her might.  To her surprise, her foot left a small crater in the hard ground.  That's when it dawned on her.  She WAS strong.  Her legs were capable of running with 200 pounds attached to each foot!  Still, even so, what could she do against the aliens?  She would need flat out super-strength to stop them.

Suddenly, Stacy realized something.  She kneeled down and brought her fingers towards her right boot. It seemed crazy, but it seemed like her only option.  It seemed like the only chance she had to fight back.  To save her friends.  Stacy gulped loudly and placed a finger over the closest button to the electronic readout.  Just as she predicted, the number steadily increased as she held the button down:  210... 220... 230... up until 300, when she finally stopped.

It was time for Stacy to truly make a difference.

To be continued in Chapter 2: The Warrior's Path

(I hope you enjoyed this MagnusMagneto story!  If you liked what you read, check out more at  As always, feel free to email me at with any comments, questions, or commission requests.  If you especially liked the story and you're feeling extra generous, my paypal is  Please ask my permission before reposting this story! I will most likely say yes!)
This is the first chapter of a new non-commissioned series starring a character originally created by AyanamiFan.

A very long time ago I happened upon his illustrations of a character named Stacy. Her original backstory was fairly simple - yet it was inciting to me. The concept of boots that made their owner stronger by adding weight to their steps was both simple and incredibly ripe for an FMG story.

This story has been approved in advance by Mr. Ayanami himself, and he actually helped come up with a few additional details for it. Hopefully those who are fans of his work will remember Stacy and get a big grin out of her having a full-blown story. Everyone else can simply sit back and enjoy the ride =)
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