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April 9, 2012
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The Duel - A Female Muscle Growth Story
by magnusmagneto

We were certain to sit in as equal positioning as possible.  She wanted this competition to rely on our physical abilities alone.  It was agreed that we wouldn't bend our wrists or intentionally use any non-arm part of our bodies to provide additional power.   As we locked hands a surprising bulge rose from her arm.  She had certainly been working out since the last time I saw her, a few months ago.  I wondered if it was in preparation of this battle; as I arrived, she was insistent on arm-wrestling.  It didn't really matter though, I'm in decent enough shape thanks to my genetics, so my arms were about 13 inches. Not to mention I had stronger shoulders and longer arms.  I guess my playful jab that she'd have to get into better shape to beat me at anything physical really got to her.  Regardless, I had to admit, she looked great, especially in her black sports-bra, so no real harm done.

"So, you've been working out for this?" I asked her teasingly.  "Nope, why do you ask?" she replied with a tinge of confusion.  "Oh knock that off" I shot back rolling my eyes "Your arms are way bigger than they've ever been.  You never had visible biceps like that!"  Realizing that most women are afraid of developing muscle I was sure to quickly add "It looks good though, really.  After all, isn't that why you're wearing a sports-bra?  To show off your new body?".  She giggled a bit "No, honestly, I didn't work out."  I shook my head and let out a slight chuckle.  "So where did that come from?" I asked, poking her slightly bulging bicep.  "Hmmm, it wasn't there this morning.  But you're right, this is new" we both lightly groped her right arm.  It was quite hard, almost like a little rock.  "It's like my body just grew as soon as you came through the door."  she had a wicked grin on her face.  "Yeah, yeah very funny" I responded, trying to shrug this off as her messing with me.  "It's almost like... my body fed off of our competitive energy" she said with a wink, licking her lips.

"Ready?" she asked with a grin on her face. I nodded and she began to push against my arm with all of her might.  At first I was taken aback by the surprising amount of power behind her arm and quickly began to fall.  As she gained a dominant position, her grin quickly spread across her entire face.  She was practically beaming with pride.  Unfortunately for her, I soon stabilized before she could put me down, and started to push back.  Slowly I pushed her to our starting position and her demeanor became quite stern. My muscles began to work in full force, and her arm started to fall.  Glancing down, her biceps appeared fuller and larger from the strain of out duel.  They weren't as large as mine, but they were certainly more swollen than I ever imagined to see on her.  I looked up and noticed her right shoulder was  fuller and more spherical.  As she began to exert further herself I swore I could practically hear the muscle fibers in her upper arm ripping.

Slowly I proceeded to make progress, bringing her arm down about half of the way.  Her face became completely red and some beads of sweat began to drip from her forehead.  Once again, as impossible as it may be, I could practically hear her arm tearing apart. I worried that I might cause some permanent damage, but I knew our prides prevented us from quitting.  I felt my arm become tired as I was unable to finish the task, but I couldn't quit now.

The tearing noise grew louder and louder, occurring with greater frequency.  I had to finish this now before she was really hurt.  With what I thought would be one final effort, I pushed as hard as I could.  About one inch away from victory I simply couldn't budge any further.  A wave of worry overcame me.  She sensed my concern and stern demeanor turned to a playful grin.  She knew I was worried about the situation and she was happy about that.  I had to finish this battle before she was truly hurt.  How could she feel joy when her physical ability was at risk?  She was languishing in my negative emotion, reveling in the absurdity of it all.

I looked down at her arm and unless my eyes were deceiving me, it was certainly larger.  Her bicep appeared to have gained a solid inch in circumference and a threatening looking vein was emerging at its peak.  I didn't dare touch her arm as that would ruin the competition, but her bicep simply looked impossibly hard.  Earlier her arm was like a little rock, but now it definitely was one.

Slowly she began to push my arm back, centimeter by centimeter she was reclaiming the battlefield.  I felt a knot forming in my stomach.  "How is this happening" I thought to myself.  Then a sick thought occurred to me.  When muscles rip, they regrow stronger.  While it would make sense that this would be a decent workout for her, there was just no way hypertrophy could occur so quickly.  My train of thought was abruptly interrupted by a ripping noise louder than any before.  Against my better judgment I looked again at her arm.  Right before my eyes I saw the ripped fibers reform at an unreal rate as a powerful split began to form on top of her bicep.  The formerly threatening vein became down right intimidating as it grew to provide even more fuel to her seemingly unstoppable arms.  

Before I knew it she brought our arms back to the neutral position.  She was far from my enemy, but the thought of losing this simple test of strength was unbearable.  This would never be lived down and she would continue to find ways to prove her superiority.  I knew she could not only sense my dismay, and was feeding ferociously from it.  As my gaze began to rise away from her arm I noticed that even her average sized breasts were jutting out more than ever.  While she was usually a fairly perky girl, her breasts were now menacing, gravity-defying beacons of dominance.  It was no wonder; somehow, over the course of this arm-wrestling match, she had developed powerful pectoral muscles.  What surprised me the most about this wasn't that the chest isn't used much during arm-wrestling; What surprised me was that her chest was undeniably feminine despite having muscles that most men would kill for.  "Eyes up here, boy" she commanded in a playful but dominating voice.  As my gaze headed north, I noticed even her trapezius muscles had  become rock-hard trapezoids.  I estimated that if I tried to karate chop her traps, I would simply injure my hand. Even her neck appeared ever-slightly fortified, in a fashion that indicated an massive increase of toughness; all without surrendering any femininity.  

After a few short moments that felt like an eternity, she had gained the advantage.  Now it was my arm that was about two thirds away from defeat.  As we approached the halfway mark to her victory, she let out a wicked laugh and declared "Change of rules, go ahead and put your back into it.  Actually, go ahead and put your whole body into it!  Put your hand on the edge of the table! You don't want to lose to a girl, do you?".  It was practically insulting, but she was right.  At this rate my only chance of overcoming her was to use all of my power.  A cheap victory would be better than a devastating defeat.  With this I grabbed onto the edge of the table and tripled the power behind my grasp.  

With my highly advantageous positioning I was able to quickly regain dominance.  After swiftly bringing her past the middle ground, my progress came to a crawl.  The all-too familiar noise of her muscles literally ripping and repairing filled my ears.  Panic began to set in and her demeanor turned from proud to playfully sadistic.  I closed my eyes to avoid losing focus and pushed as hard as possible.    After gaining a few inches, I came to a complete halt.  I strained to keep my eyes shut and pushed with everything I had.  Sweat was pouring from my body, and I even utilized as much of my lower body as possible.  With this burst of effort I gained another couple inches on her.  Even though my eyes were closed, I knew I was so close to ending this nightmare.

Again I came to a halt.  I redoubled my efforts to put her down for good, but she just wouldn't budge.    She let out a loud intentional yawn.  She was mocking me, and I had to know how much distance was left to victory.  I opened my eyes and let out a loud gasp.  Her biceps now eclipsed mine.  Granted, it was only by approximately half an inch, but her arms were so incredibly dense with constantly regrowing muscle, that I wondered if anything could harm them.  On this train of thought, an incredibly unrealistic thought creeped into my mind; I imagined a knife being plunged into the split of her bicep, only to come to a halt after piercing the skin.  In this knife-daydream, she simply laughed at the assailants weapon, and flexed up bigger and harder arms.  I snapped back to reality, and her arm had grown another half of an inch, just like it did in my daydream.  Absolute despair set into my stomach.  I knew this girl wouldn't hurt me, but someone with her unparalleled ego and pride with that kind of power is downright dangerous.

I refocused on the fight as I felt her ever so slightly steer me back towards the center.  It was almost as if she knew what was going on my mind, but wanted to remind me of what was going on.  In my quasi-delirious state, even the vein fueling her dominating bicep appeared to have muscles of its own.  Her chest also looked indestructible, like a bullet proof vest covered in soft feminine skin.  Decorating this vest were her breasts, which, as perky as ever, now appeared to have somehow grown an entire cup size, placing her at a C cup.  Strangely, of all the bizarre occurrences today, this perplexed me most of all since breasts are made up of fatty tissue.  As my gaze shifted north, I noticed her shoulders were now shaped like small cannonballs.  Oddly enough, her traps and neck didn't appear to increase very much in size, but somehow, I could sense they were magnitudes denser.  It was almost as if her body decided to become a perfect fusion of practical, indestructible muscle and feminine grace.  Regardless, with shoulders like that, wearing commonplace woman's tops was probably out of the question.  Assuming this wasn't all some sick dream, she would likely only be wearing sleeveless and shoulder-less tops from now on.

Finally, my gaze reached her face.  Somehow, there was not a trace of sweat on her.  In fact, it looked like she hadn't exerted herself at all.  Her complexion appeared clearer, and her brown eyes were practically piercing into my soul.  I had been so transfixed on her new muscles I hadn't realized that her skin was simply better all around.  While she always had nice skin, it, like everyone else's had its flaws and imperfections.  There were no such things on her visible body anymore.  It was almost as if her skin absorbed her sweat and repaired itself with it.  An insane thought, I know, but at this point anything seemed possible.

"Oh, you woke up"  She sarcastically stated.  "I guess we can continue" and with that statement she effortlessly and immediately brought me to back to the all-too familiar two-thirds mark of defeat.  She then brought her effort to a standstill.  "I'm exerting about... a quarter of my strength" she stated confidently with a smile of pure, sadistic, child-like evil on her face.  Regardless of how true this statement was, it was taking all of my power to hold her off.  "Is there any way you can put up more of a fight?  This is getting boring."  she asked with a chilling laugh.  Insulted, I stood up, grabbed her hand with both arms and pushed with my entire body.  

I quickly regained ground, but the ripping noise came back, louder than ever.  Upon hearing it I let out and agonizing cry, and she laughed as her muscles grew faster than they ever had.  As I cried out she laughed louder and louder.  "Come one big boy! Show me what you've got!" she taunted, and, against all common sense, I complied.  She indefinitely held me at the neutral position, and as I pushed her entire body grew ever stronger.  For the first time I took a look at her left arm, and realized, to my ever growing horror, that this entire time her left arm was growing in unison.  "Pretty sweet? Huh?" she exclaimed, flexing her spare left arm.  She proceeded to flex her arm a few more times, and with every contraction I grew more horrified, and she grew even more powerful.  I'm guessing it reached fourteen and a half inches by this point  I closed my eyes again and pushed as hard as I possibly could.

I could feel my entire body giving out.  Never before had I ever put forth so much effort into one task.  For the first time in my life I had to audibly yell out to push myself further.  All the while she began laughing more and more.  While on the outside I was putting up the front of a determined warrior, inside I was simply becoming more and more horrified; she knew this and thrived off of it.  
After a minute which felt like a year I opened my eyes again.  I then received possibly my greatest shock of all, she was not only even more muscular than before, but she was definitely taller.  Earlier her breasts only came above the table by a little bit.  Now there was a solid foot of space, and her beyond godlike abs were now on display.  I tried my hardest to not look at her body and stared directly into her eyes.  With those beautiful, devious eyes, she stared directly into my soul and drained my psyche dry.

She proceeded to grab each of my hands with hers and stood up.  We were now exactly the same height, but every muscle of hers eclipsed mine, and were magnitudes denser.  With my hands in hers, she began to push me towards the ground.  I fell to my knees, the look of a pleading child overtook my face.  "Do you give up?" she asked wickedly, licking her lips.  I managed to barely shake my head "no".  Damn my pride.  She then actually exerted herself, pressing me down to the ground while laughing "Just beg me to stop and I will".

I then heard the sound of muscles ripping again.  Except, this time, it was mine.  My despair turned to hope, at long last, it was my turn!  I held out for a few more moments, finally the tables would be turned!  More time passed, something wasn't right, she always grew by now.  I then looked over to my arms, and screamed.  My biceps had shrunk about an inch.  I looked down to my chest, that too had shrunk.  For every ounce of strength I lost, she gained that much tenfold.  My hope returned to terror, and my body shrunk at an even faster rate "OK, PLEASE, STOP!" I screamed as loudly as I could, and almost immediately she did.

I collapsed to the ground and fell asleep due to exhaustion.

To be continued?!
I've messed around with some very basic writing in this genre in some interactive stories, and now I'm going to try my hand at writing a full fledged story.

I'm a pretty novice writer so my apologies for that in advance. This was fairly spur of the moment and experimental. Just an odd fantasy of mine put to words.

There may be future installments, please share any feedback.
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thelostdigger Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013
Best part about this? He asks her to stop draining him and she does! I've seen too many stories where such power makes the girl a total sadistic monster, leaving the poor man an emaciated wreck at best, a pile of jiblets at worst, almost always featuring heavy rape connotations, if not actual rape. It's refreshing to see the girl think 'OK, he's in pain and asking me, nay, begging me to stop. I better do that because I don't want him dead."
Forgive me for waxing philosophical, but I simply can't be attracted to a woman I can't like. Be as beguiling as you like, act like a total bitch and disrespect your partner and you've lost me. It's what I like about your work, Magnus, you treat your characters, both male and female with respect. Good work.
yaracyrrah Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012
Possibly your most exciting story yet!
mvdr Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2012
Very nice. One of my favorites I've read on here in a while. I love stories where the girl is just 'naturally' (supernaturally?) physically superior to the male.
koopa16 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2012
Very nice story, I love that your character is playfully sadistic and revel in growing more and more powerful. Hope you'll write more !
MrGreyMan Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I do hope you continue; I hope she goes "all the way," if you get my meaning.

I really like your writing.

More so than just your superb physical description, I like how you hint and the increase in "will" and perfection to go along with the increase in muscles. You make it seem that she is not only gaining physical power -which, of course, is important- but also mental strength as well. I also like you subtly hint that she is feeding off of the conflict between them.
Which does bring me to my only -small- complant: I don't know anything about the conflict between them.

I feel like this is more of a scene than a story. I'd like to know why they are arm wresting, for example. Based on the interplay at the start it seems rather odd that they would do this sorta thing regularly since it was implied the guy should just automatically win under normal circumstances. I would also, of course, like to know what's going on.

However, the descriptions and writing is topnotch. It is quite a scene and I very much hope you continue with it.
MagnusMagneto Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2012
Thanks for the feedback!

I'm glad you caught onto and enjoyed the ongoing mental battle between the two characters. You are certainly correct that it is more of a scene than a story, perhaps the title was a little misleading in that regard. I also intentionally left the relationship between these two characters up for interpretation.

My future stories unrelated to this one are much more clearly defined in regards to character motivations and relationships. I will indeed be expanding upon this story in some capacity, whether I fully flesh everything out or not is to be determined..!

Thanks again, and as I mentioned earlier I'm a big fan of your work so it means a lot.
MrGreyMan Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I can understand the want to keep it ambiguous and let the reader fill in what he wants. I just felt like a sentence at the start explaining why they were arm wrestling was in order. But, I know it's a delicate line and I swerve drunkly back and forth over it myself.

I just read through the other comments, and I feel the need to add I LOVE the idea of a woman growing more powerful directly from the negative emotions of those around her. You hinted at in the story, but I could not tell if you meant it literally or figuratively (which is good for a first scene) since it seemed like she was more feeding off his physical exertion than his mental one.

However, when I read in the comments you might mean it in the literal sense, it sent a chill down into my twisted soul. The implication is quite dark. I'm not sure I can speak for anyone besides myself, but speaking for myself I would very much enjoy such a story. Her power inspiring fear and dread which in turn feeds into her power which in turn inspires more....
.... well, lets just say I would certainly enjoy reading such a story.
MagnusMagneto Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2012
All I'll say is that you may have spoiled a little bit of the driving force behind the future installments of this story ;)

Having said that, I'm not too sure when exactly I'll be releasing that - I'm currently outlining a commission piece for someone (whether or not it's publicly shown is up to him) and I'm working on another story that's drastically different than this one (but it's still FMG)

Fate willing I'll have something out for public consumption within the next week or so.
MrGreyMan Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I look forward to it.
up2nogd1 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012
Very nice. This was a well written muscle growth scene and left me wanting more, which is always a good thing.
I agree with your comments about not shrinking him more. The poor guy is supposed to be her boyfriend after all!
But more muscle, and some display of the strength you have hinted at would be great to see. Hope to see more in the future.
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